Saturday, December 31, 2016

All of July 2016

July 4th - A Simple Day of Independence

We started off the day by watching the boat parade on Lake Steilacoom from our dock. The boats were all decorated and they all threw candy wrapped in plastic because most of them fell in the water. Then we participated in the Steilacoom parade as our own Heely group. We dressed up, decorated ourselves, a wagon, the bike trailer and the 4-wheeler and joined the parade after all of the kids on bikes. We waved and threw candy and watched Eben and Kivi do Heely tricks and Berg almost crash into everyone. Later Kivi, Jasper and Eben kayaked over to the Wells in the lagoon and hung out with friends. We watched fireworks from our house and then drove the boat slowly around the lake to see the rest as we picked up the kids.

July 5th - 7th - My cousin, Kenzie, and her kids came and stayed with us! We had fun on the lake, tubing, hot tubbing, roasting s'mores and also went to Seattle for Lars' 13th birthday. We made him a scavenger hunt and he had to do 13 different things around Pike Place Market. We ended the day at a great playground in Seattle.

July 8th - 10th - We hosted 3 boys from the Ugandan Kids Choir while they were on tour. It was a different experience than when we hosted the Watoto choir kids the year before. This choir was much younger and their leaders lacked some involvement. But the boys were sweet.

July 9th - Brothers - All the boys cuddling one morning.

July 10th - Poppie and Nonnie came for their 2 week rotating stay (with a shirt for them to draw a road on so they could drive cars on his back).

July 11th - Lunch by Eben

July 11th - 15th - VBS at LC3. This year we picked up kids from the Arrowhead Apts. and brought kids with us!

July 14th - Happy Birthday Kivi! (We will celebrate later.) She got a cake from the Schocks and a fun day with them.

July 14th - Tuffy drives the police car!

July 16th - Baby Coal's photo shoot for the Baby Wall! This isn't the one we used but it's so cute!

July 18th - 23rd - Kookie and Buggy come up for a visit to look around and get a place to live up here!! And of course go skiing!

July 19th - Eben and Opal try out Poppie's new boom invention for wake boarding.

July 20th - Poppie has little ice cream helpers as he makes the antique ice cream maker that Nonnie and I picked up from Goodwill Outlet work. We have a homemade ice cream party with toppings!

July 20th - 22nd - Eben and Jasper go to Computer Clubhouse Camp #2

July 27th - 29th - Eben's first job!! Eben was asked by Mr. Kurt to teach the Computer Clubhouse Camp!! He got paid  a $50 amazon card!

July 27th - We host the Middle School Lake Day Party. 
We asked the Myhrbergs to come over too, so we got some cute Coal and Esther pics.

July 29th - We host the High School Lake Day Party.

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