Friday, May 30, 2008

Father and Son Fishing Trip

Peter, his brother, Chris and his dad, Eric all went on a fishing trip courtesy of :

The Great Fisherman, Allen Hall.

 Peter said it was freezing in late April and they didn't bring home any fish, but the next day I saw Peter and Eben having their own father/son fishing excursion in the backyard. They didn't catch any fish, but they sure were cute out there.

The Easters Come To Visit!

The Easters and the Johnsons on our deck.

Bubba eating the marshmallow part of his smore.

Lots of kids!

Kim with Garrett and Pete with Paysen making smores on the beach.

Kivi and Paysen "fishing" with noodles.

The paddle boat ride!

We had so much fun with our friends Pete and Kim and their boys. They stayed in the mother in law for a couple days on their rode trip from Arizona and we mainly stayed here and played in the sun. (Okay, so this happened in April, but I'm trying.)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Daffodil Parade - I Did It All By Myself!

Me and all the kiddos at the parade! We had to walk sooo far to get there. I think it took longer to find a parking spot than to see the parade. But it was worth it they all had a fun time!

Jasper, Eben, Hannah, and Kivi with their daffodils (they say they're from the princesses).

Eben and Bubba in awe of the clowns.

Hannah doing her princess wave.

Bubba ate his daffodil.

The highlights of the parade for the kids:
Daffodils from the princesses.
Stickers from the pirates.
Candy from the cheerleaders.
A horse came right up to Bubba to say, "Hi".

Downside of the parade for Mama:
Had to park a mile away and put all four of them on the stroller.
Forgot sunscreen. It was HOT!
Didn't pack enough fruit snacks- for me.
Had to have Kivi pee in the street. - Oh yeah, kids have to go potty.
Got lost getting home. I don't know Puyallup.

But somehow the pros still outweighed the cons. Go figure.

Biggest Brother, Littlest Sister

I was trying to get a pic of Opal, but she wasn't smiling for me. Then Eben decided to take off his shirt too and jump in and Opal loved it. So there's my 4 year old and my smiley little 2 month old.