Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Muffins!

We love fall! To celebrate every year we make fall flavored muffins and give them away. We started out giving them to friends. We'd drive all around and deliver them to friends all over the place. However, in order to show love to those we don't know very well we began delivering our muffins to our neighbors. Our houses are pretty spread out around the lake so we don't often see our neighbors in the colder months. Some weren't home, but others loved getting the muffins and the "Happy fall, we made you some muffins!" greeting from the kids. One of our elderly neighbors had tears in her eyes and told us that no one else ever comes to see her and she was so glad we took time to come and say, "Hello".


On September 8th we decided to head to another county. The kids had been wanting to learn about Italy and our books from the library had come in so we built a time machine/plane and flew back in time to Rome, because if you're going to Italy, you might as well start way back. (We're actually still there. There's a lot of material to cover.)

The first thing we did was dress in togas and get our passports stamped.

We learned that most Roman meals consisted of cheese, bread, eggs, fruit and wine (grape juice), so for many of our lunches we ate just that. We also turned it into a cheese contest and everyone voted for their favorite cheeses. (Grocery Outlet has some great prices on cheese!) The favorites ended up being extra sharp cheddar and plain goat cheese. Brie was not a favorite, the older kids called it smelly cat cheese.
After learning a lot about Rome we had a DaVinci week, a Galileo week and done a lot of artwork, reading and science projects. Soon we should get to modern day Italy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tangled Week

We have been doing school all throughout the summer. Taking a break last year, because of various vacations and trips and then trying to get back into a schedule and back on task come Sept was a big, huge pain. So I decided then that we would keep trucking on through the summer with school if nothing else just to keep our regular routine and rhythm so it wasn't so overwhelming come Fall. We've taken little breaks here and there and mainly have done a modified easy learning version of school with lots of task badge chores and reading and math everyday. So instead of starting school full on in September, we had Tangled Week and I challenged Eben and Kivi to come up with a schedule that would work for the fun song that Rapunzel sings, "When Will My Life Begin" Eben even made his into a video as I taped them doing everything from paper mache to brushing their hair.
 The funny thing is we realized that she only gives herself 15 minutes in the morning to do all the cleaning, the rest of the day is filled with crazy, fun activities and lots of reading. Also she doesn't allot time for breakfast, getting dressed or going to the bathroom.
All of the kids enjoyed painting murals on the walls of the shed. This is the floating lanterns.

Kivi sketching a lamb.

Berg has been working really hard on his letters and loves his time with Mama learning their sounds, how to write them and the letter puzzles.

At the end of the week Dada set up an outdoor Tangled movie viewing. He rigged up the projector, tiki torches, and a big screen. The kids got blankets, pillows and chairs and I got the ice cream sandwiches! It worked so well, we did it again a couple nights later with friends, a screen 4 times larger (I sewed four sheets together.) and a different movie!

Opal's Lost Tooth

Opal lost her first tooth on Sept 5th! But would you believe it - tons of other kids must have lost their teeth that night too because in the morning that tooth was still under her pillow and no money was left! Crazy busy night for the Toothy Fairy - huh?! Don't worry she came the next night and left a whole dollar under her pillow. Then the sweet girl wrapped up her tooth money to give to Jasper for his birthday!

Back to Seaside!

August 29-September 1st we went back to Seaside, OR. This time we brought Grandma and Grandpa with us! While we were there Dada taught Opal to ride her two wheeler without training wheels and she did amazing! She even rode the whole way down the promenade to get ice cream! She even rode back all by herself, literally, and got lost (she was way in front of Dada who was walking along side her and way behind Grandpa who was riding a bike in front of her), but we found her!
While Dada was teaching Opal the other kids rode around on their bikes to in the street in front of the house. Jasper worked on his skills and Eben and Kivi invented new ways to incorporate Heelys and gave each other rides. Berg and Pella were fascinated with a little fountain that's in front of the house and played with it for a long while.

We finally met the Candy Man! He gave us taffy and then we went to buy his ice cream.

I think the daily ice cream treat is the favorite part of Seaside for almost everyone. Kivi and Dada missed out on some of the fun ice cream and a pizza trip because they got a little sick and stayed back at the house to rest. But they recovered quickly and were back out with us again.

We were even able to use the swimming pool at Thousand Trails one day and get lots of good floating in! Berg, Pella and Opal really loved the kiddy pool.

The kids went to the beach too and swam and played in the sand and then Dada would rinse them off outside with a warm hose. They loved it. We had a great trip and can't wait to go back to Seaside again!

Little Summer Things

Here are some random things that happened at the end of July and August that I will probably forget if I don't write them down somewhere.

July 29th: We had a chicken escape and looked and looked everywhere for her. We had actually given up for a while when Pella the great chicken wrangler found her inside the house, caught her and carried her around for everyone to see before putting her back in the coup.

Poppie and Nonnie had brought us back some delicacies from Cambodia - Freeze Dried Tarantulas! So we decided to get them out and try them. All the kids tasted them but Opal and Pella ended up eating most of them. They loved the "beef jerky flavor". It was pretty gross watching them pull the legs off and eat them up!

August 27th: As we are in the middle of morning devotions, one of the kids spots the little pontoon boat floating out into the lake. Jasper and Kivi run and get their bathing suits on and dive in to save it. The little boat almost floated 3/4 of the way across the lake before they were able to swim out and reach it, but they made it and rowed it all the way back as we stood on the deck and cheered them on. What a morning workout!

Also Aug. 27th, I finally take a picture of Baby Bear and the cupcake cravings. I have eaten a cupcake almost everyday of this pregnancy. (Which might be why I am bigger and heavier than I've ever been before during a pregnancy!) I blame Peter. He went to the farmer's market every week to buy me my weekly supply of amazing, to die for cupcakes.