Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's Go Skiing Again!

These are the words that Eben and Kivi kept saying over and over since we went last. So... why not!  We packed up the kids and went back over to Snoqualmie with Grandma and Grandpa this time.  We took Jasper and Emma with us too!  Kivi and Eben did great skiing and Emma rocked the snowboard. Then the last hour we were there Peter tried Eben out on the little snowboard and he just did it! He made it all the way to the bottom of the little slope without falling! For anyone whose ever tried snowboarding before, you know this is amazing, as you usually spend the whole first two days falling on your bum. I think he might have fallen once, the whole time on the snowboard - it was crazy!

Kivi on her skiis!

This was the extent of Bubba's snowboarding, he didn't really care for it.

Emma and Eben - the snowboarders!

And here's a look at Emma and Eben snowboarding together. 

First Time In Long Beach!

Feb. 15th 2009 - Long Beach + Mashel's new camera = more than 500 pictures!
These are my favorites:
Kivi's kitty boots.

Just outside of Marsh's museum there's this big bell. The kids all stuck their head up inside of it and then peeked out at the same time. They were so cute!

Bubba's looking down, but it's still my favorite picture of my boys.

All the kiddos watching Peter, Al and I go cart race. 
Guess who won? That's right - girls rule!

Cutie Opes tries eating sand.

Also the ones of Peter and I, and Kivi on the sidebar are from this trip too.

Thank you Halls for sharing your Long Beach with us!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Eben and Kivi Go Skiing!

Right after Opal's birthday party, we left with Poppie and Nonnie to go skiing at Snoqualmie. This cute little mountain has about 5 lifts. (I think you can see all of them in this first picture.) It's perfect for beginners. Both Eben and Kivi tried skiing and, thanks to a nice lady and her 2 year old grandson, they both tried snowboarding, too. Eben had a timid first couple of runs and stayed safely between Nonnie's skis. Kivi had no fear, and her little nervous giggle was so hilarious! After Eben found out that Kivi had made it down the run all by herself, he decided he couldn't let his little sister outdo him and got tough. By the end of the night, both of them were going down by themselves and doing "pizza" (snowplow) like champs.

Eben, Poppie, Nonnie and Kivi ready to go down the mountain.

Kivi, practicing her "french fry".

We used a leash and Poppie's belt to tow them back and forth from the lodge to the little "magic carpet" lift.

Eben snowboarding!

Skiing videos! The first features"The Kivi Wiggle", which is how she started! It was so funny (then she crashes). The next is of her laughing as she's boogying down the mountain. The last one is of Eben "The greatest skier ever!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Opie's "O" Party

On Feb 7th we had Opal's first birthday party. We decided to have an intimate and cozy party this time, because of weather. February is not a good month for a big outdoor event with lots of freezing babies. My parents were able to come up from CA to be here for it too so that was a plus. The theme was the letter O, because Opal was turning One. The colors were Orange and Olive green. We ate spaghetti O's, O shaped bagel sandwiches, Oranges, Oreo and Oatmeal cookies, and Onion rings. It was an Odd lunch, but it was all wiped Out when the party was Over.  Amazingly we didn't even play a game! Instead everyone wrote Opal an encouraging letter which she will open on her 16th birthday. If you would like to participate in Operation Opal 2024 I know she would love it! Just write her a letter and send it to us and we'll put it in the time capsule.

Our family pic. The poor girl just got 4 shots the day before, so she was a little tentative.

Opal and her "O" cake with One candle.

Trying out her little smash cake.

She likes it!

"O" foods

A garland of Our Baby "O"'s first year.

The cakes

Our guests for Opal's 1st.

Opal Turns One!

My little baby girl is a whole year old! Where in the world did the time go? I know it's only going to go by faster as time goes on. So we are going to cherish these times, of sitting, laying, animal sounds, laughing, clapping, smiling at everything, wild stick-up hair and raspberry sounds. No walking or crawling, or even rolling over any more. And why should she? She has an entourage of willing servants to get her all she needs. I'm sure in no time she'll be moving along with the rest of them, meanwhile we might have to go to physical therapy to appease Dr. Reid and Nonnie. 

If you never move a muscle, Opie girl, we would still be the happiest parents in the world to have such a sweet, contented, smart, loving girl (who could live with us forever)! We know either way you will touch a million lives with your precious spirit because you are truly a child of God.