Saturday, February 20, 2010

Opal Turns Two!

Opal turned 2 on Feb. 5th! And since her greatest love is reading books, we decided to give her a Book Party at the library. (We had to call it a Book Club because technically parties are not allowed at the library.) It was perfect for her.

The first thing we did was have story time of course! And this could not have been a better activity. The kids loved it - all of them - and they ranged in age from babies to 10. We all could not believe how well reading books held their attention. Their favorite was definitely A Birthday For Cow.

While the kiddos were having story time the moms and dads were working hard on their own creative books. They had to choose a candy and write a book using their candy in the story somewhere. Then we read them too. They were so funny! My favorite line from one of the books was:
"'And is God's love good?' asked Chet. 'Yes, very GOOD.' said Sam. 'AND He always has PLENTY!'"
We also all loved the book about a tiny little dog named RUNTSwiggle who could fly and became president.

This was the most stress free party ever, because Peter said he'd handle dinner and all I had to do was the cake which was suppose to look like a book:

You can't really tell. But it tasted good.

We also opened some presents

and had some cake and ice cream (after the library closed, cause we're so sneaky)!

Mama and Dada with our little Opie-girl. We love you Opie-Opes! We're so glad you're in our family. We hope your love of books never ends. And we pray you will have a great love for God's Word, the one true Book that will guide you through life and all your birthdays to come!

Little Buddies

People think they're twins. And actually, they are becoming more alike all the time - I'm not sure if that's a good thing. But they can be the best of friends and great enemies without a moments notice. And they look so cute when they do their jobs together and are being sweet to each other, that I had to remember the almost 2 year olds with some photos from the end of January and first week of February.

At least one of them gets a time out everyday for forgetting the water rule. "Where do we drink our water?" "Inna kitten."

Doing their job. Putting away the silverware. Opal spent the whole time "talking on the phone" and just handing the silverware over. Baby J would then put it away.

Taking care of the babies. They both love to play with dolls and strollers and anything baby.

Story time with Poppie and Nonnie.