Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Big Huge Belly

Each one of our babies has had a belly photoshoot with the big brothers and sisters and Baby Bear was no exception. The hard part was fitting in all those siblings! This was an all day adventure. We set up a white sheet and Dada snapped and made silly faces and we bribed with candy treat and finally, we seemed to have a good one. Hooray! Belly photoshoot done. Now Baby Bear can go up on the belly wall!

For kicks I had all the kids kiss Baby Bear and this was a way easier task than sitting still and smiling and I love the picture.

 We have another pregnancy tradition of taking a picture every month of the growing belly. This time we were a little late getting the early month pictures, but from then on, we managed to get the rest on time. The ninth month picture was actually taken the night before Baby Bear was born! (I had lost my mucus plug that day, so I was pretty sure it was going to happen soon.)

This is the biggest I have ever gotten with a pregnancy. From month six on many people asked if we were sure we weren't having twins! I'm pretty sure it was all those cupcakes.

Monday, January 12, 2015

November and Awaiting Baby Bear

According to iPhoto (which is how we remember anything a week after it happens), we either didn't do much leading up to our new family addition, or we just failed to take pictures.  A very pregnant Abby agreed to be with me in our church musical, which had a four show run two weeks after the baby came, but more on that later.  We rehearsed through November. 

On Abby's birthday, the kids got up at 0500 and decorated the house for her for a little breakfast surprise party.

This photo of Berg and Pella is here just to remind me in years to come of how they are.  They can be seen spontaneously doing this five times a day around our house.  While I know this will likely not always be the case, hearing them tell each other that they are best friends on a regular basis is just too dang cute to handle.

 About two weeks before baby, we made a mid-week run out to NW Trek.  We've found it an excellent place to both see animals and to utilize the wide, smooth, sloped blacktop walkways to Heely.  Hat's off to my little Opal who mastered her Heely's on this trip.

Harvest Carnival 2014

As always, Abby found a way to dress all eight of us in the same theme, all while keeping the kids both excited about it and convinced that it was their idea.  This year, we went with Despicable Me 2, featuring both good and evil minions.

 Abby assures me that she in no way picked this costume theme due to my natural resemblance to Gru.  Sadly, my kids are more honest.  One woman at the carnival asked me how I got my legs so skinny for the costume.  I assured her they were au nauturel. 

 Hats off to my wife for taking black duck tape, felt and Goodwill clothes and turning us into this!  It was a fun night.

Warning: Husband Blogging

Hi all.  
Every few years, Abby allows me on here for some catch up blogging.  So sit back and enjoy a smattering of photos and captions that in no way compare to my lovely wife's discerning and carefully chosen posts, but which will, more or less, catch you up with the Johnson's.