Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day Camp Week

June 22-27th was Day Camp Week! We had so much fun doing this with our friends the DeyArmins last year, we couldn't wait to do it again. Our friends, the Ericksons let us borrow their trailer again and we slept in that in front of the house each night, but dinners and breakfasts we ate together in the house. 

We had such a fun week. Camp takes up most of the day, from 9am until 4pm but after that the kids have so much time to play with animals, run, explore and just be kids together. 

 One of the families we took to camp let us have a farm day and visit their pigs, chickens, horses and cows after camp.

 The cows were so skittish, but we learned that if you lay in the middle of the field, the cows will just come up to you and check you out. It sounded scary because they are large animals. Kivi was the first brave one to try it out and was quickly surrounded.

The 3 older boys got courageous and laid down too, but they kept moving so the cows didn't get too close.

 The kids all tried to have a sleep over in tents the last night, but it rained so hard they all backed out except the 3 oldest boys.

Hopefully at some point they'll post pictures of the actual camp and then I can put some on here. We learned about the entire Bible and memorized words and motions that help us remember every part of the old and new testaments! It was a great week.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lowest Tide of the Year Day!

June 14th was the lowest tide of the year so after Kivi and I attending our church's Morning Manna, we headed out to go see some sea life at Chambers Bay. I didn't have high hopes for seeing very much there. I never even really noticed a beach you could walk on in the past. Boy, was I wrong. We found soooo many creatures!
One of the first cool things, after the ever abundant little crabs and hermit crabs was this bright orange sea pen. It was all closed up because it was on dry land, but it was still neat to find and hold. 

Dada got on his waders and found us lots of big crabs to hold for those who were brave enough.

Opal loved the jellies and held this one for most of the time we were there along with her collection of locks and keys. The tide was so low that we were finding all sorts of keys from the people who had locked "love padlocks" on the pier above and thrown the key into the sea. 

Many types of little and big starfish were fun to find and touch. Our favorites were this bright red and gray colored one and

this huge, spiky, purple one that was under a pier.

Dada gave under the pier water tours in his waders too.

We were pretty enthralled with these cool sand collars which are the egg casings for moon snails.

The kids kept many creatures including this little sea slug in a bucket they called their "mobile aquarium" the whole time until we left and then released them all into the ocean.

One of the two sea snakes that Eben put back into the sea when it was time to go.

There was just so much to see and it was so colorful and beautiful! Too bad the tide was already coming back in!

 As we were leaving we brought our collection of about 20 keys up and tried almost every lock. We actually found and opened five locks!! Then we hooked them all onto each other and locked them back on the fence. We'll see if their still there another day!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Berg's Motorcycle Birthday!

Berg turned 4 on May 17th, but I was at our church's women's retreat and the next couple of weeks were booked up as far as having a party was concerned, so... about a month later (June 11th) we got to celebrate! Berg didn't actually know it was his birthday because we never told him. We've made this mistake before and unless there's a party to go with our birthday wishes it's just confusing for little ones. He was so excited for this motorcycle party and talked about it forever!

He wanted it in the church foyer just like his last party, which actually had to be moved there last minute because of rain!

We set up Berg's Burger Bar for dinner and Uncle Chris grilled up some tasty bacon cheeseburgers. 

After dinner Dada got out the motorized vehicles: the go cart and a little, yellow motorcycle that the big kids can actually ride themselves.

Uncle Chris even brought another little, blue motorcycle which was perfect because the go cart blew a chain.

Everyone had such a fun time taking turns riding around the church parking lot!

It was even fun to watch everyone drive around and cheer them on.

Of course we had to kiss our new, big 4 year old!

 We ended the night singing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday boy, making ice cream cone creations, opening presents (lots of motorcycles made for one happy Berg!) and hugging all our friends goodbye!

Berg, you are one amazing four year old! You are so happy, cuddly, encouraging and loving. I always hear you tell your brothers and sisters that they are awesome and you tell me everyday that I am cute! Wow! What a boy! Right now you love motorcycles (of course), trucks, sand and playing/taking care of/teasing Pella. We call you Squishy because you're so fun to tickle and squeeze and you feel like you're filled with squishy goo. You love being a big brother, but sometimes you love her too much and she is done having you hug or smother her. We love you so much you can't imagine. We are all blessed that you are in our family. We thank God for you everyday! We know you will do amazing things in your life, you already do now.

Nonnie, Poppie and Buggy Time

 The rest of May was filled up with Women's Retreat, Peter's Lodge Boy Reunion and Peter spending a week in San Antonio for work. Nonnie, Poppie and Buggy came up on June 10th and we made the most of the day going on a nature scavenger hunt, walking around Lake Waghop and napping.The kids were so excited to see Buggy and play with her. While they were all here we also had Berg's birthday party and went to Shmee's graduation. It was a short little time, but Nonnie and Poppie would be back two weeks later for a longer summer trip.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 Awana Awards

The kids worked so hard on their Awana verses this year. They brought home lots of certificates and trophies for all their determination too! Berg completed his first year of Cubbies, Opal finished her first Sparks book and Jasper finished his second.

Eben received both his 2nd and 3rd T&T book awards.

Kivi is on track with her very ambitious Awana goals. During her first year of T&T she finished all four books (Which usually takes 4 years!) and all the golds for book #1!!! She also received a special T&T overachiever award for all of her hard work.

Way to go kiddos! Hide God's word in your heart and now don't be ashamed to share it!
Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My (Mama of Seven!) Mother's Day at Seaside

Peter planned a Seaside, OR trip for Mother's Day weekend. The first thing we did was get pizza for dinner and walk over to our favorite candy store and spin the taffy wheel and get $1 ice cream cones!

The next morning we headed over to Goodwill and let everyone buy their own toy for $5.00. I know, we're big spenders! Everyone had so much fun picking out their own toy and then it kept them busy during the down times at the house, it rained a lot the first two days so we didn't go outside very much. Eben and Jasper combined their money and got a super marble maze set, Opal got make-up, Kivi got 3 looms and yarn, Berg got a motorcycle, Pella got a puzzle and Mama got bubbles and boots. Dada made his own super bubbles when we got back.

On Sunday we were finally able to go outside and ride bikes after a lovely Mother's Day breakfast. We of course rode to go get ice cream and candy.
Later we took a walk down to the beach...

 and told the kids about how they are going to have a new sibling!
#7 is on the way! Baby Bear is due on November 29th!

We played some baseball in the sand and then jumped and ran away from the waves. Berg didn't run away in time and a wave knocked him over fully dressed. He wasn't happy about it. So he took off all his clothes and put on Kivi's jacket.

At last Dada convinced Berg and Pella to jump waves with him and he told them he'd keep them safe. But the first wave to come along knocked them all over and they both we very unhappy and soaking wet. That was the end of beach time. It was actually very hilarious!

 We told both of our families that Mother's day about Baby Bear over the phone and then went out on the town to have some Chinese dinner, ride the merry-go-round and bumper cars for the big kids, swing on the swings and run through the dunes. It was a great relaxing weekend with my very favoritest people in the world.