Saturday, May 2, 2020

August 2019!

August 1- Dada buys a boat in Spokane!!! We figure out how to fit all the bikes inside of it for the ride home, and of course, as soon as we get to our lake he has to get it in the water!
August 2 - Filming for Family Reunion, Llama Mama and Excludo
August 3 - Cousin time! And Excludo filming for Family Reunion
August 4&5 - More filming for Family Reunion and boat rides
August 9 - 10 Family Reunion 

Click on this to see the Supercon Trailer:
Click on this to see the Llama Mama Trailer:
Click on this to see the Excludo Trailer:
August 11- Eben gets baptized at Family Camp!! First, he gave his testimony in the Tabernacle and then we all went out to see the baptisms in the lake.
August 14 - The Sharps come to visit.
August 16 - The High School White Party
August 18 - cutting down the laurels and Tague family dinner
August 20 - Middle School Lake Day Party
August 28 - Opal's first day of public school at Hudtloff Middle School! We all walk her to the bus (every day)!