Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pella's Ballerina Birthday!

Pella's fourth birthday was a beautiful, musical, lovely, flowy, pink and purple soiree. She was so excited to be the Bell of the Ball! I have to admit, I got pretty excited about her ballerina theme too. I might have talked about having a ballerina party so much that she chose it. She did choose it herself, good thing, because I had purchased a ballet lesson for a birthday party way earlier in the year at an auction. The invitations were even adorable! She helped to paint them pink and purple.

We made tu-tu sugar cookies to go on top of Pella's cake and for her friends to decorate with a simple concoction of powdered sugar and water dyed with food coloring and scooped into baggies for the kids to squirt on their cookies.  By the end of the party they were dry and turned out delicious!

We decked out the basement with mirrors and tu-tus hanging all over and turned it into the Johnson Ballet Studio, but my ballet lesson plan ended up not working so well. The girl who was suppose to teach the lesson called the day before the party to say she couldn't make it!! But thank goodness I have a willing and talented sister who knows everything about ballet! Shmee came with her amazing assistant, her husband Steve, and they put on quite a show!
The boys were so enamored with Uncle Cheese's look that they all changed into like man ballet attire.  (Berg was actually wearing a leotard and tu-tu until he saw Steve's ballet man outfit.) The girls were so excited to copy all of Dodie's moves. They were such great little students. Pella's face beamed the whole time. She taught them some moves on the bar, on the floor, in a circle and the positions.  Even the adults participated in learning some ballet.

The highlight was Assistant Steve carrying each girl across the room in the pose of their choice and even Dada got to pose and be carried!

As a grand finale, Jasper and Pella had practiced a cute little duet dance number that they performed for everyone. They were so sweet. It was adorable! (Even though Eben had already been practicing a dance with Pella just like the one Jasper did! So then, Eben and Pella were all ready to do their dance, when suddenly, Jasper comes up and goes, "All right everybody! Me and Pella have a special dance we are going to do!" Then when it was over everybody clapped and cheered, and thought it was amazing. And Eben did not.) Guess who wrote that tidbit?

Pella and all her ballerina friends.

Cake time!

Present time!

Kissing time! Well, it's always kissing time with our sweet Pelly Lou!

Pella, we love that you're our little girl! You bring spark and life and joy to our family. You are a wonderful helper and fun little friend to have around. You are our precious Chuggy, because we love you so much. You are a great little sister and all the big siblings love to be with you and you are a great big helper with Tuff too! You love to play with your brother Berg, probably because you both like the same things. You love to do sand bin, play dough and water play and are an amazing dancer. You love to help Nonnie paint, Poppie build and Grandpa wash the windows. You can do all of these things so well because of your "strong Chugginess". You love Cubbies and you've been going to the four year old class at church, even though you just turned four, since you were two (because Berg went there). You love to help Kivi bake, be read to by Opal, dance with Jasper and have Eben help you with anything. You are an amazing girl with so many wonderful loving qualities! We can't wait to see how God uses all your Chugginess for His glory! We love you, Pella! Happy Birthday!