Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Flight with Grandpa

On August 13th we finally gave Grandpa his Christmas present of flight. Peter's friend, Austin took up Grandpa and Eben and Jasper and then Grandpa split up his hour flight into two half hours so that he could go back up again with Kivi and Opal! They flew over Lake Louise, Lake Steilacoom and the Puget Sound. The kids said they didn't realize how surrounded by water we were until they were up there and saw it from the sky.
Eben and Kivi got to help with the plane check list.

 Eben and Jasper, ready to fly!

Opal and Kivi's turn. 

A view of our little Lake Louise from the air.

LC3 Family Camp

We go to an amazing church with a lot of fun people! August 7th - 9th we got to hang out with so many of them at our church's family camp at Black Lake Bible Camp. The theme this year was Extreme Makeover. 

The kids always have such a fun time because they are cut free to do whatever they want with their friends. They had a great time playing mini golf, playing on the playground and in the canyon, playing carpetball and bingo, swimming in the lake and pool. Even Pella and Berg roamed around with friends the whole time. The 4 big kids even got to lead worship and Eben and Kivi stayed up late every night and went to youth group! Tuff stole his first bite of marshmallow and graham cracker at s'more time.

Peter and I were asked to do the programming piece again this year so we decided to go as "confused about the theme us". The first time we thought the theme was Makeover Home Edition, the next time Fashion Makeover and the last time Body Makeover Workout Edition. 

We also led the large group game time and put together some fun team games the favorite to watch anyway was the Strong Man game, where all the men held on as tight as they could to each other and the women and children had to try and pry them apart. Peter's idea (John Schock's creation) of mega foam kick ball turned out amazing! Well not the kick ball part so much, but the free play in the foam was wonderful It was amazing that there were no dramatic injuries with everyone slipping and sliding into each other and kids getting knocked down everywhere.

The Saturday Night Live skits were another fun part and Eben and Kivi were both in different skits!