Thursday, May 28, 2015

Holding the Flag for the Mariners Game

 On April 6th, the Lakewood Police and their spouses held the flag for the opening ceremonies at the Mariners game. Peter and I were able to participate and had a blast!
We actually had to come and practice on the 4th, the day before Easter, so we took some photos.
This is behind the scenes in holding the flag all bundled up before we went onto the field. 

We practiced running backwards fast and then scrambling back, scooping the flag as we come back together.

Right across from Peter and I was the then receptionist of the Birthing Inn, Susan, (she now runs the whole Inn and is a trained midwife) who helped Peter deliver Opal as our midwife was not there.  We both looked at each other and thought we knew her from somewhere and then she said. "Are you the couple with lots of kids who doesn't make it in time to have your babies at the Birthing Inn?" Ha! Yep, that's us!

Peter snapped a shot, right before we went onto the field of us waiting in the sod pen.

And a friend even found a news clip of the game, so the kids were able to see us carrying the flag too. They didn't get to go, they stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Peter wasn't feeling too hot these days either but the bulk of his sickness hit on Easter so he was still able to carry the flag and we watched enough of the game from the very top bleacher for me to be able to dance and get on the Megatron. Sadly, I couldn't get any of the police officers to dance. Not even Peter. But he was sick, so he had an excuse.

Easter 2015

Our Easter was...different.  We had all of our Holy Week and Easter things packed up so no decorations this year or amazing Holy Week like we've done in the past. On Passover, Kivi made a seder lunch because she didn't want to miss it, and we read through the Haggadah as each person ate from their own seder plate. It was very informal and Dada was at work. On Resurrection Sunday, Dada was sick. He stayed in bed and we tried to be quiet for him and let him sleep. I made the kids a yummy quiche breakfast then they got on their Easter Sunday clothes, which we thought would double for my sis's wedding in June, but plans changed, so good thing we used them for Easter!

I let them all watch a Veggie Tales Easter movie and then we took some basket photos.

Last year we had no basket, it was lost. But we found it again up by the mother-in-law. It had been outside for a year. When we found it, it was completely covered in ivy. The poor handle broke off and it's pretty moldy looking, but hey, it's back!

Tuffy's first Easter picture and he's even smiling a little.

I had made the kids a photo scavenger hunt to find their basket (actually it was 2 baskets, one was from Mimi!). Here were the clues they had to find:

 They took turns going all around finding the clues. They do so well working as a team and going slow for the little ones. The clues led them to the shed where the baskets were hiding.

We took them inside to open them up where it would be warmer. It was nice and sunny, but still a bit chilly. The boys got Duplos and the girls got plaster figurines to paint and nail polishes.

While the kids were opening their baskets Uncle Kookie came for a quick visit as he was on his way to Seattle for a class.

We actually had to leave him there at our house so we could make it to Easter service, which Peter woke up just in time to make it to although, he didn't make it through the service. He ended up going to sleep in the van.

We did end up getting a family photo! Then we put Dada to bed and went to Auntie Tonya's house for an Easter lunch and egg hunt at the park with cousins. And we took a cousin caterpillar picture:

 Afterwards, we headed over to the Schock's house to play with our other "cousins" (Grace, Nathaniel and Megan) and have some dinner. It was fun, but I missed my baby. Everything's better with Peter.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Nonnie and Poppie Help Fix our House

Nonnie and Poppie really got busy on this visit. On March 20th Poppie and Peter took down the homeschool cupboards and started working on patching and putting back up the wall. It's time to turn the dining room back into a bedroom again. 
Peter started building back the wall that we knocked down to make the dining room 4 years ago. Good thing he thought ahead and sealed all the wooden panels into the wall in case we ever decided to put the wall back up.

Here's the view from the dining room. The bathroom is to my left. Where Peter is will soon be a closet for this master bedroom.
Poppie is a YouTube junkie. One by one the kids will sneak over to him (sometimes while they're supposed to be doing their school work) and watch whatever it is he's watching (usually a kiteboarder) on his laptop. I don't know what they're all watching, but it got everyone's attention, even Nonnie's.

By the 27th, the wall was back to normal! Thanks to Poppie's expert patching skills and Nonnie's painting, no one would ever know we had taken it out! The kids did their school work between the 2 couches in front of the fireplace.

We also did some outside homeschooling as we learned about Medieval Japan we made and flew carp kites. 

Right after this, I left for a Women's Adventure Weekend, which I thought was a Women's Retreat, but ended up being a very rugged, fun time doing some very adventurous activities at Black Lake Bible Camp with my great pal and bargain hunter, Shari Schock! We shot BB guns, played archery, perfected the tomahawk toss (It took a couple of hours but I finally threw 2 tomahawks into one log at the same time! It's actually way harder than it sounds.). We played kamikaze paintball, and I had the bruises to show it! And, not an adventurous thing, but better that dodgeball, which was what all the other women were doing, we puzzled! It was a great fun weekend and when I got back - Peter, Poppie and Nonnie had moved all the furniture around too! So now our house has a normal master bedroom, which we have never before slept in. When we first moved in we used it as the guest room, then it was the boys' room, we tore the wall down and used it as the dining room/homeschool room and now that the wall is's finally a master!

It feels very strange now to have a door...and our own bathroom...and a closet in the bedroom!

Here's the wall from the living room side:
Thank you Poppie and Nonnie for all of your hard work!