Sunday, June 28, 2020

Kivi's D.C. Trip with Nonnie!

Sept. 21-28th 
This past September, my amazing Nonnie took me on one of her D.C. tour trips!! I hadn't been to the east coast before, and I got to have some cool experiences. Everywhere we went was interesting, but I really loved the National Cathedral and Historic Triangle. We visited too many places for me to remember, but here are the highlights!

Danica and I at Monticello

Scraping hides in Jamestown

The Capital building!

In the Library of Congress

Museum of the Bible

The Reflection Pond at sunset

Lincoln's Memorial with Nonnie

Arlington National Cemetery 

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History with Kylee and Hailey

The tall stack of books about Abraham Lincoln

Iwo Jima Memorial

This might have been my favorite place, the National Cathedral!

National Air and Space Museum

Sunday, June 14, 2020

September 2019!

Sept. 2nd - Eben really wanted to go to PAX with a couple friends for his 16th a month early.
Sept. 5th - Boys
Sept. 8th - Illi's Puppy Birthday
Sept. 9th - NW Trek
Sept. 10th - Zoo w/ Poppie and Nonnie
Jasper Photo Shoot for his Man Ceremony
Sept. 13th - Drive to Idaho, stop to see Karl
Sept. 14th - Silverwood!!!
Sept. 15th - The Hiawatha Bike Trail w/ all except O and T. Dinner date trying Rocky Mt. Oysters!
Sept. 16th - Coeur d'Alene  bike rides and gardens on the way home

Sept. 20th - Explosion Day at Co-op and Jasper's Actual Birthday
Sept. 21st - Grandpa time, pioneer girls and Kivi heads off to D.C. with Nonnie!!
Sept. 25th - Siblings! J helped O with her first big school project and designed a foldable bridge.
Sept. 28th - Dada makes seafoam!!
Sept. 29th - (Kivi and Nonnie get back from D.C. ) Jasper's Man Ceremony!!
One more swing dance
Sept. 30th - Swiggy gets his Build a Bear from Nonnie - JJ Bear