Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gingerbread Time!

We made our gingerbread Bethlehem again this year! While we were baking and putting together our pieces, Jasper built a nativity out of Legos too. It always takes a while to do this tradition, but it's worth it. Each kid gets to pick out what building they will do so our Bethlehem gets a little bigger and is different every year.

This year, we had the Gingerbread Party over here at our house! Eben made a sheep pen, Jasper made Herod's castle, Berg made a house, Opal made the inn, Pella made the market place and Kivi made the stable. 

Kivi's Christmas Movie - The First Nativity

Eben's 2015 Christmas Movie

The Second Week of December

December 9 - Tea Day: The kids wrote Christmas poems for a Poetry Tea party with the Homes. 

By Berg:
 The Light
That point us to
A special night

By Opal:
On Christmas Day we all wake up
To Mama saying, "Shush".
We slowly go up the stairs
Trying not to push.
Dada's at the top step
Holding Jesus' birthday cake.
We sing "Happy Birthday" with beautiful sounds
We are all trying to make.

We all sit on Dada's lap
And we read Luke chapter two.
The story about when Jesus
Was born for me and you.
We eat a cinnamon roll breakfast,
Then open stockings on the floor.
Then we look under the tree,
There are presents more and more.

(I'll have to put Jasper's in here when I find it!)

By Kivi:
On Christmas day
Christ came to stay
With us on this earth
He came as a baby
Short and small
Of a virgin birth

By Eben:
Christmas is coming!
Hear what I say!
Run, hurry home, this is Jesus' day!
In a small manger, all tiny and cute,
Small, little Jesus doesn't cry, but stays mute.
The parents of Jesus, called Joseph and Mary,
Make sure that He's warm, and easy to carry.
And now we rejoice! For our Savior is born!
Son of God, Prince of peace, Holy Father and more.

December 10 &11 - We filmed Eben's Christmas movie

December 11, 12, 13 - Dada stars in the Christmas Play at LC3, "Christmas is __________". Mama and Kivi were also in the play.

December 14 & 15 - We film Kivi's Christmas movie 
We also watched all of the Star Wars movies at Auntie April and Uncle Jeff's house to prepare for the upcoming Star Wars 7 movie almost every night that week.