Wednesday, October 21, 2020

October 2019!

Oct. 10 - Kids pictures and Swiggy's first haircut

Oct. 12 - Boys go to truck and tractor day with Mama and Kivi's homecoming

Kivi also had a race at Richland and got 6th!
Oct. 14 - Swiggy's 2nd birthday a month early at the Children's Museum! and Eben's Senior Year photo shoot
Happy Birthday, Swiggy! You bring so much joy to our lives! You are so fun and cute and cuddly. You love to play with all your siblings and they love to have you around all the time. You love to follow your brothers, Tuff and Coal and do whatever they do. You love all cars and trucks and your boots. We can't wait to see how God uses your life for His good! We love you, so much, our baby boy!
Oct. 15 - Took the littles to a Hand's on Petting Zoo with Dodie

Oct. 16 - Kivi Cross Country - 2nd place!!, HS messy night, Mama and Dada watch a concert and spend the night at the Elk's Lodge in Tacoma.

Oct. 18 Kivi placed 5th at the Frosh/Soph run at Wright park and Ebby gets a cell phone for an early birthday present.

Oct. 19 - Free pumpkins and Eben and Brylea go to Steilacoom's homecoming

Oct. 20 - Eben teaches Jasper to shave and Eben's Spaghetti and Spy 16th Birthday!
Eben! You did it! You're 16! And we couldn't be more proud of you! You are starting your second year at Pierce College as a sophomore, which you bike to on Dada's electric bike every day, rain or shine. You are an amazing friend to so many, a great example to your younger siblings. You are learning to drive. You excel at all things computer. You quickly and happily obey whatever Dada and I ask of you. You love your God! We love you, Eben and we love the person you are becoming in Christ! Happy 16th Birthday, son!
Oct. 25- Panera and an Eben concert
Oct. 26 - Jasper spends every morning chopping wood for 1/2 an hour! Kivi's race at Fort Steilacoom ends in her crawling over the finish line and passing our for an hour. She ends up at the hospital because of not eating and high blood sugar. Expensive lesson learned - eat before a race!
Oct. 27 - the Wells and us host one of the stops for the Great Pumpkin Hunt. Kivi's team had to eat an onion.

Oct. 28 - Corn Maze day with the extended family!
Oct. 29 - For my 44th birthday I get scammed into spending $400 dollars on not great meat.
Oct. 31 - Harvest Carnival is on! We run the cakewalk and dress up as Mario and friends. 
Dada - Donkey Kong, Mama - Wario, Eben - Waluigi, Kivi - Rosalina, Jasper - King Boo, Opal - Princess Peach, Berg - Mario, Pella - Daisy, Tuff - Shy Guy, Coal - Koopa Troopa, Flint - Toad