Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Girl Party and Man Day!

Girl Party was June 5-6th and Man Day was all day June 13th and although we had awesome times...these were the only pictures that even proved we got together! How pathetic is that. And since I'm relying on this blog as my virtual "Notebook" of life, (Because I have the memory of a fly.) I probably won't even remember that these days existed. I'm a visual learner. Pictures. Not words.

So although it looks like all we did was play Guitar Hero and all the guys did was golf, that is not true. We had a great time, all us women, at our girly slumber party. We ate pizza. By the way, here's something I learned - 15 women do not eat 8 pizzas - they eat 2. We played games, made s'mores down at the fire, did pedicures, snacked, had Italian sodas, watched girly movies, and oh yes - talked, some of us until 4 in the am.

Here's my pic of Shannon belting out... a rock song (see I already don't remember) assisted by Christine on the guitar.

As for Man Day. I don't really know. I wasn't allowed to be there. I am not a man. But I know they had a kick in the pants. This is what I learned about Man Day:
-Denny's rocks for breakfast.
-Golf was great. Joe won the great golf hat contest.
-Everyone got "the slow cart" at the go cart races. Al and Chris schooled everyone. But technically, Rich won.
-Matthew fished all day in a cute boat.
-The jet ski sank. Al ran over Matthew's line.
-.08 is a crazy lot of alcohol to be the legal limit for driving home.
-Man Day turned into Boy Party sleep over.

Al and Jeremy - golf posers.

Thanks all you great Girls and Men for joining us. We had a blast!


Jessy said...

It really was a lot of fun Amber!! Thanks so much for inviting me and thanks to your hubby for disappearing with the kiddos for the night!

When are we doing it again?!?

Mashel said...

Yeah, it's catch up day!! My favorite. I'm sorry that I forgot my camera at girl day, the lack of pictures is my fault.... oopsie.

The Tulloss Family said...

What a blast! You guys have some great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Oh I have some good pictures from this night I should have sent them to the group....sorry. I especially had a great one of you Amber pretending to be Micheal Jackson~Wendy