Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bridal Tea - Wedding Rehearsal

August 15th - 20th

The five days after the party were jam packed with fun activities.

The Bridal Tea:

My Aunt Sherri threw a lovely tea for Carly, my cousin to be, at the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle. And all of the girls got to go! Kivi was asked to be the flower girl, so she got to sip hot cocoa and eat delicious desserts too. It was here that I fell in love with coconut tea and a new cute style of apron, which costs $85, so I'm now trying to make them.

Pioneer Farms:

We had to take my family to our favorite Pioneer Farms! We love this place! And this time we got all dressed up for the occasion too. It's a working 1880's hands on pioneer museum. Here we're getting a lesson in 8 year old boy chores: chopping wood! We also learned all the household chores, from washing clothes to the 3 year old chore of chopping vegetables.

In this log cabin Peter's obsession with fresh bread baking began. He has made a fresh loaf of bread (really, really good bread!) almost everyday since!

Nonnie working with Opal on her walking. If she was a pioneer child, I don't know if she'd make it. I'm pretty sure walking was required of children before 18 months.

Jasper enjoying his horse ride.

Don't worry, the chicken really liked this.

Nonnie and Kivi making wool into yarn.

Flaming Geyser:

Our group was too big to fit in one vehicle so instead of taking 2, we took 3! Nonnie and I rode on the back of the motorcycles to the park and Buggy and Dodie on the way back.

We ate some lunch, roasted some pink marshmallows in the Flaming Geyser flame and took a short hike.

Indian Stew:

We had dinner one night over the fire down by the beach. Everyone added their own ingredients and seasonings to their foil pouch then we stuck them in the fire ( a little too long for some) and ate at the new picnic table Peter built this summer, along with a fresh loaf of bread and homemade jam of course.

Eben enjoying his Indian Stew.

Manicure Day:

All the girls went to get French manicures before the wedding. This was Kivi's first one and she was so excited! Mimi already had her nails done so she got a pedicure.

The Weltes, Johnstons, Tagues and Johnsons:

My pop's sister Aunt Mary and her family were able to visit briefly before they had to visit Uncle Tom's dad and we had to leave for the wedding rehearsal. My cousin, Kenzie, and her family live in Dubai. So it was great to see them even for a short time.


Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

Where is that Pioneer Farm place? AND, can Peter make us a loaf of bread, too? AND your foil dinners made me miss the church camp i grew up going to. Foil dinners were my favorite . . but we did hamburger, tator tots, green beans, corn, and LOTS of condiments/seasonings!

The Johnsons said...

Great summery, babe. Reading it makes me feel like I'm much more exciting than I really am...

Tiffany Nevil said...

So fun! I need to take the boys to this Pioneer Farm! Where is it again? You keep telling me about it and I think Cooper would have a blast. OH! Maybe we could do HFG/AMC/LMNOP family fun day there one weekend!?