Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harvest Carnival!

On Oct. 31st we went to Lake City Community Church's Harvest Carnival. It was so organized and there were so many friendly people helping out everywhere! We have always done family theme costumes so the kids still expect to dress up as a family - I hope that never changes. Hey, I can dream! So this year since Indian play had been a constant theme in our household and Kivi had her get-up from her cowgirl party we went as Cowboys (well 1 cowboy and 2 cowgirls) and Indians. We strayed from the original Indian outfit of towels hanging from a headband around the boys waists to pant with "Indian fringe" down the sides. Still shirtless though. You gotta be a little authentic.

Eben eating.
The first thing we did was have a free corn dog dinner.

Then we got our picture taken.

Jasper getting the ring on the stick.
After we got our free popcorn we headed over to the carnival area to play games. There were 24 different games to play, the boys played 12, Opal played 7 and Kivi played 5. I know because they gave us these cool carnival passes that they checked off every time you play.

While we played, Kivi and Dada decided to take a break. Cowboys get worn out easily I guess.

Opie eating her cotton candy.
Then the Indians decided they were done too, so we headed over to get our free cotton candy and called it a night. Amazingly, the kids ate no candy on Halloween night! Oh wait, cotton candy probably counts. Okay, except for the cotton candy.


Cathi Tague said...

My what great pictures - what great fun! My what long hair Eben has, my how sweet my Opal girl looks eating cotton candy! My, my, my, what wonderful grandchildren I have. Thanks for all of these great pictures. It makes me feel like I'm there with them. Love, Nonnie

Kelly McG said...

Hey there, it was great running into you guys. Thanks for telling me about it, LCC does a great job!