Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Buddies

People think they're twins. And actually, they are becoming more alike all the time - I'm not sure if that's a good thing. But they can be the best of friends and great enemies without a moments notice. And they look so cute when they do their jobs together and are being sweet to each other, that I had to remember the almost 2 year olds with some photos from the end of January and first week of February.

At least one of them gets a time out everyday for forgetting the water rule. "Where do we drink our water?" "Inna kitten."

Doing their job. Putting away the silverware. Opal spent the whole time "talking on the phone" and just handing the silverware over. Baby J would then put it away.

Taking care of the babies. They both love to play with dolls and strollers and anything baby.

Story time with Poppie and Nonnie.


Cathi Tague said...

Absolutely adorable - those two! Certainly the love and gentle care from your family is a huge blessing in Baby J's little life. God bless you for ministering to this precious boy. Love, Nonnie

Unknown said...

dad looks really thrilled. :)