Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Kid's Cookbook

On February 12th the kids wanted to make a cookbook, so their wonderful recipes could be enjoyed by all. They told me their recipes and I wrote down exactly what they said. We have yet to try them, but I'm sure they're delicious!

Crunchy Cheese
Jasper Age 3

Take crackers and peanut butter and mix it in and crunch it. Then wait for hours and it turns into cheese.

Candy Ballers
Eben Age 6

Take some Sugar Babies and little pieces of chopped up Swedish Fish, add sugar. Put chopped up licorice in the bowl too. Then melt a bunch of pieces of carmel. Try to get it all into a ball with the sugar inside of it. Then add the melted carmel all over the ball of candy. Stick cotton candy onto the carmel and cook it for 20 seconds at 30*.

Crunchy Cheese Bread
Kivi Age 4
First get a big bowl. Put in some powdered sugar and make some dough and put the dough in the bowl. Mix it all together and cook it for 60 seconds at 20*.

Muffin Cups
Eben Age 6

First make a tray of muffins. Then scoop the inside of the muffin out but leave some of the inside so it doesn't fall apart. Then take some licorice and cut it into a short piece. Somehow, with carmel or something, glue it onto the side of the muffin to make a handle. Then put honey inside the bottom of the muffin cup. Pour raisins on top of the honey and make them flat on top. Then put in a drink that doesn't make a muffin soggy and then drink it. When you're done drinking you can eat the muffin cup.

Flour Sugar
Kivi Age 4

You need sugar and some flour and baking oil. Then add some sweet potatoes. Mix it in with a cup of water. Then add one more cup of sugar. Then put it in the oven for 50 hrs at 70*.

Cheese Bread
Jasper Age 3

First put in crackers. Then put in cheese. Then flour. Then dough. Then chomp it up with your feet. Then it turns into a pancake and then applesauce cheese. Then it turns into Cheese Bread.

Bread Cheese
Opal Age 2

Bread. Cheese. Cheese on bread. Cheese on bread. Cut bread on cheese. Cheese on bread. Cut the bread.

After they made their cookbook, Peter whisked me away for surprise Valentine's dinner at Over the Moon with friends and an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast in downtown Tacoma. This was a brilliant plan because we didn't have to drive far but it still felt like we were somewhere far away!


Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

Opal's cracks me up! Made me laugh out loud. You're so fun. Also loved that Kivi's cheese bread had nothing to do with cheese at all . . or bread.

Cathi Tague said...

I laughed so hard I cried. In fact Poppie and Buggy came running into the room to see what was wrong because they thought I was crying. I love childrens recipes - they have no concept of time or temperature. So, so funny! Love, Nonnie

Anonymous said...

My daughter's second grade teacher had the kids make the parents a cook book for Christmas. It turned out much like this. Too, too, too funny!! Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Le