Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy Week!

This year we did something new to celebrate Christ and how He loves us at Easter time. I really wanted the kids to understand just what Jesus did during this week, and how many of the Bible stories that are taught all throughout the year in Sunday School actually happened in a one week timeline. So I came up with little lessons that we could do every day to help them understand just what occurred the week before Jesus rose from the dead. Also I really love how much we focus on Him at Christmas and even though Easter has so much to offer in light of Christ's sacrifice it seems like it just gets blown over with baskets and eggs and bunnies. So we made a real point to build up to Resurrection Sunday and the meaning behind it this year. We had so much fun doing it and I learned a lot too! I've been preparing since Christmas, because there's a lot to tell. The only sad thing is that Peter wasn't able to join us for the first part of the week because he was in Alabama for training.

So here's some of what our Holy Week consisted of:

We made a huge poster that we hung in the kitchen and did a little craft everyday that went along with what Jesus did everyday.
Here's a shortened version, it will help me remember what we did so I can be ready for next year:

March 28 - Palm Sunday - Praising the King - Matthew 21:1-9 We waved palm branches and sang "Hosanna". The kids wrote things they praise God for on palm leaves.

March 29 - Monday - Cleansing the Temple - Matthew 21:12-17 We built the Temple that Jesus cleared the money changers out of using cardboard and foil and the kids drew pictures of the Temple to put on the poster.

March 30 - Tuesday - Questioning Jesus - Matthew 22:34-46 We learned about all the parables Jesus told this day and how He answered all of the Pharisees questions so well they were stumped and desired to do away with Him. We made hearts to remind us of the 2 greatest commandments Jesus tells us about.

March 31 - Wednesday - The Anointing of Jesus - Mark 14:3-11 We used some expensive perfume and made our own anointing oil that we sprayed on our "alabaster jars".

April 1 - Thursday - The Passover - Matthew 26:26-30, 36-38, 47-56 We learned about how Jesus changed the Passover Meal using the bread to symbolize His body and the wine to remind us of the blood He was going to shed - a day before it even happened! How he went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane and was arrested. We made paper matzah and designed our own goblets for the wine and put grape juice on it with a q-tip. Then we spent all day getting ready for our own Passover celebration.

One of the Seder plates. Kivi made scroll name tags for everyone. We had unleavened bread, and an as Kosher as I could make it meal. Prime rib, carrots and parsnips, fruit, latkes, matzo ball soup, matzah butter crunch and a chocolate cake made with matzah flour.

We invited the Schocks and Grandma and Grandpa to feast with us and remember this day.

The kids all looking for the afikomen - I learned after our Passover meal that this has so much significance! It is matzah (a flat bread with holes in it - made without yeast, which is a symbol of sin) which early in the meal is broken. It first sits on the table under a cloth between 2 other matzahs. (The Father, the Son [the one that gets broken], and the Holy Spirit maybe? Obviously, the research I did from all the Jewish sites doesn't say any of this Jesus part - I am.) Then it gets hidden (Christ put in the tomb?) And at the end of the meal, it gets found (Christ's resurrection?) And the one who finds it gets a prize. (Eternal life?) Plus, I realized that in the Bible the "bread" that the Last Supper talks about, which Christ broke and shared with His disciples would have been this piece of unleavened bread. It happened after the meal! And this piece of bread, after it is found, is supposed to be shared with everyone at the table and be the last thing eaten of the night. This is the same unleavened bread that Jesus took and said, "Take and eat; this is my body." - Why has no one ever told me this before!! Before last year, I didn't even realize that the Last Supper was the Passover. Another small tidbit, the cup of wine that Jesus drank and shared and told them this is my blood poured out for you was probably the same cup after the Passover meal that is poured along with the one for Elijah, the prophet, who is invited to the meal to ask that the Messiah will come before the next Passover. Chills? Yes, it's cool.

Ok, back to Holy Week:

April 2 - Good Friday - The Crucifixion - John 19:17-30 We made crosses for our poster and attended a Good Friday service at Lake City - that was so moving! We prepared the kids for solemn and silent and instead experienced a rocking victory service knowing it's Friday, but Sunday's comin'!

We also dyed some Easter eggs!

April 3 - Saturday - In the Tomb - Matthew 12:39-41 and 27:62-66 We learned about how Jonah was a sign of how long Jesus would be in the tomb and how the Pharisees remembered Jesus saying that and securing the tomb so that the disciples couldn't steal Him out and say He rose from the dead. We made stones for our poster.

It was also egg hunt day. We went to the Lebows church for an egg hunt, some crafts, and really cute cookies and Bubba got to help Miss Laura tell the Easter story with the letter "S". He was so excited.

We also had another egg hunt and BBQ at our friend's Joe and Kim's house and I got to go to tea with Kim and her friend Bri from Chicago! Here's Jasper with his lined-up loot:

Also this day, God was so good to me, I found Easter shoes for Opal, that exactly matched Kivi's, an Easter dress for me, and kakhi pants and a white shirt for Eben for Easter (since he needed a new one that would fit over his cast) all the day before Easter - with all the kids. Plus, we were in and out of Goodwill in 20 minutes! Have I mentioned before that I love thrift stores, because I really do. God, a thrift store, and tea - my kind of day!


Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

You are so great! I am copying all of this down to do with Clara next year, for sure (not sure the twins will get into it at 11-12 months of age . . . ). Gotta love my big belly and my facial expression in the picture you took of Bubba . . nice. :) Love the picture you took by our stained glass windowns, too. We should use it as an advertisement for our church!

Tiffany Nevil said...

I have been to a Sader before and yes you are right about all those things! Isn't that so BEAUTIFUL?! I love that God is a good story teller and CONSTANTLY reminds us of his truth. Great stuff; thanks for sharing. I felt the Lord deeply move in my heart this year too and Cooper and I talked a lot about Easter. It was fun walking through it with him and helping him understand things.

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