Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eben's California

Eben and Kivi flew down to CA with Poppie on Sept. 29th. They spent a week with Poppie, Nonnie and Buggy all by themselves - and loved it. Here's Eben's blog about it:

One day me and Kivi went to California. We went swimming in Poppie and Nonnie's pool. It was really fun. I always used a floaty until I reached the cave. We went to Legoland. It was really fun too. We went on a super fun robot arm. It swung you up and down and side ways and upside down. I went on it with Buggy and it was lots of fun. Our last ride was one where we got to go in animal cars and see lots of giant animals out of Legos. We bought lots of candy from the candy store. We went to a big beach and we climbed a gigantic cliff. And we played jumprope with the waves with Buggy. And that was really fun too. Then we went home a played with Buggy's chicks in the front yard without Cody. One time he got into the garage and he got into their pen and tried to eat them. I slept upstairs down a little short hall and in the mediumest bedroom - in the biggest bed. I also made a big crane with a bag and some string. It was very fun. It was there for 4 days. I don't know how it disappeared. It's a mystery. We played with Buggy's big doll house. It was super fun.

This is me and Kivi by the welcome sign Buggy made us.

I got to see the Lego R2D2,

and fight Darth Vader!

We went in a boat and saw Lego men building, but one wasn't so lucky.

We went to mini land and saw a mini farm. It was made out of Legos and nothing else.

In every fish tank, you could swim with the fish (but actually, it was a tunnel that had a bubble going up to the middle of the fish tank).

We found a walking Transformer, that's why we have this picture.

We got to be with the fish in a tube under water. It was really deep.

I got to drive my own Lego car on real streets! I got my own license. It's in my lock box right now.

Me and Kivi got our picture taken with Lego Harry Potter.

We got some candy to share with Jasper and Opal at the candy store.

We got into metal balls in a store's gardens. It looks like we're in jail.

Swimming in Nonnie and Poppie's pool was super fun!

This is the cliff we climbed.

A funny sign we saw at the beach. Isn't it funny to say that you can't land in the water after you jump in?

These are the cupcakes we made at a cupcake store. Mine is the funny wire one on the right.

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