Monday, March 21, 2011

January- Poppie and Nonnie and the Dining Room!

Our first month of 2011 started off like this:
1-1 Bought the cabinets for our new dinning/homeschool room. (Yes, we officially went from a family of 7 living in a 3 bedroom house to a two bedroom house. Smart, right?)
1-2 Installed the cabinets.

1-7 Peter and Mr. John put on the granite counter top.
1-8 Nonnie and Poppie come to stay with us while they work on their vacant rentals. They were super busy, so we mainly only saw them in the morning and after dinner times. The day they came we were able to have a fun Korean BBQ dinner. If you haven't been, Korean BBQ is all about tons of food you cook at your table, but since we looked so helpless and so, well, white, the wonderful staff did all the cooking for us!

The kids got to have the now traditional "Basket of Presents Day". It's like mini Christmas that happens whenever Nonnie comes to town.

1-9 The kids and I, after sorting socks and realizing the abundance of lost socks, decided to turn the singles into sock babies! It was such a fun craft - the kids loved picking out the color, hat, buttons, hair color, and stuffing the sock. I did end up doing most of the sewing, but it wasn't much. They turned out so cute.

After seeing them all, and how they all look like their makers (except for the Jasper's blue haired baby) I decided to make a little Bergie one too. The complete the little sock baby set:

1-11 Roasted chestnuts and hot cocoa movie night! Those chestnuts were so sweet and yummy! We'd never eaten them before and all wanted to try them. (All those Christmas stories and songs have chestnuts roasting on an open fire.) They really are something to sing about! Poor Nonnie was plum tuckered out from working so hard on the rental. I think she got 5 minutes into the movie before falling asleep. (That's our bed, in the living room.)

1-15 Our cute niece, Marlee, decided to take Eben and Jasper to the Monster Truck Show at the Tacoma Dome. Dada treated all his girls (and Berg) to a super girly tea. They felt so special having their own desserts, pouring their own tea into the tiny little cups and stirring in lots of sugar, just like Mama!

The boys pretended to be monster trucks for the next 3 days straight! They loved it. Jasper's favorite was Grave Digger and Eben talked about Megasaurus forever.

1-17 We let the kids color all over the wall dividing the new dining room and family room while little Berg watches from the sidelines.

Then we started the wall removal process. Here's our demo team in action:

Each of them got multiple turns hammering at the wall, then watched Dada cut the wooden planks from the other side as they covered their ears. As soon as Dada got two boards out, all the kids had to climb through the little hole to the other side.

1-21 Peter installs the new hardwoods!

1-22 Nonnie goes back to California to poor lonely Buggy. Poppie stays 2 weeks longer to finish the second rental.
1-30 Berg masters "the trick"! (Yes, he's wearing tights, much to Dada's objections). He usually has pants over them. It gets cold here, so they are like baby long johns, and he can't pull them off like he does with socks.


Cedar said...

Do you have pictures of the final product--the remodel? I love those sock babies!

Tiffany Nevil said...

AH! How can you leave me hanging like that? Where's the rest? I'm so excited to see it! Thanks for sharing...I'll just sit here on the edge of my seat until you blog again.

Nice Trick Bergie! You are so BIG!

Peter said...

We'll get a final product shot after I get all the drywall, mudding, texture, paint and trim done. So check back in around 2015...

Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

I'm so confused about what you are doing . . so, are the boys not in that bedroom upstairs anymore? Is that becoming the dining room?

The Johnsons said...

Yep! The boys are in our room downstairs, their room is now the dining room and we are sleeping downstairs in the living room (in our bed, we sold the sectional).