Friday, April 6, 2012

St. Patrick and the Trinity

On St. Patrick's Day we had more fun with green food coloring. I like to go through the day and make stuff up as we go along. Peter and I are both pretty good at spontaneity. It works really well with homeschooling too. So we started our day off with shamrock pancakes!

The whole day is a great time to explain the extremely complicated concept of the Trinity. I love St. Patrick for the beautiful explanation he gave through the shamrock leaves, which we painted on our cheeks. My sister had even brought us real ones from Ireland to put up as decorations. We watched a movie about St. Patrick on Netflix, but I had to watch it with them and correct many of the crazy legends they threw in there with the truth. (There is less furniture in the family room now! We moved one of our couches downstairs to the living room in front of our bed.)

Our friends Reagan and Pippa came over and we made a cute garland, salted carmel cupcakes and corned beef with potatoes and cabbage for dinner.

When Peter and Miss Kim came home we enjoyed a wonderful St. Patrick's Day meal together in our almost organized dining room! (We got a new space saving seat for Berg!)

The kids all show off their garland and cupcakes before eating their dessert.


Momacita said...

Kivi also posted about St. Patrick's Day. Now that Eben and Kivi have blogs, sometimes we get to hear about your fun adventures from more than one point of view. Love that crazy smile on Eben in the cupcake lineup picture! Great creative ideas as always.
And as always, I love you.

Anonymous said...

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