Monday, July 9, 2012

Jasper's Date With Mama

The kids earn "Special Helper Rockets" (little pieces of paper that used to look like rockets but are actually little Bibles and present shapes now) for helping out the family without being asked.  They also can't ask for a "Special Helper Rocket" or they don't get one. 
On May 24th Jasper cashed his in to go on a date with Mama for a Chuck E. Cheese lunch.
"I had to earn 20 "Special Helper Rockets" to go to Chuck E. Cheese. 

I took Mama to Chuck E. Cheese. We played games. My favorite game was the bowling one. I was the champion of every game.

I danced on the screen and then I goed into the next screen. I was in a shopping cart. I bought with all my tickets a little spider and a rocket blaster. And what I ate was miniature pizza."


Momacita said...

What a sweet boy - Jasper! I really like the 2nd picture of him -it's a cool shot. Maybe it's time for him to start his own blog? It must have made you feel special that he wanted one on one time with you.

Tiffany Nevil said...

You are so handsome Jasper! Love your cool guy hair stylin' man. Way to help out the fam.
Mrs. Nevil