Sunday, March 17, 2013

Opal's Happy Heart Tea Birthday!

Our little Opal has been working so hard on having a happy heart, so when she chose a happy heart birthday party it was such a sweet idea we had to make it work. We decided to have a tea party and invite a few friends and their mamas. She asked her brothers if they would help serve as waiters and after some prompting they were good with the idea. Opal painted her own invitations, a tea cup with a pull out tea bag.

The one thing she was very specific on was what the cake should look like. It had to have heart lollipops around the top. Here's her design:

We had many delicious "tea foods". Some were even heart shaped like the scones, sandwiches and cookies.

The two birthday girls. We celebrated Opal's birthday on Dodie's real birthday.

One of the decorations I really wanted to have was a big heart. But I couldn't decide what it should look like. I finally decided on using the coffee filter technique we had done before with markers and water and gluing them to a cardboard heart. It turned out so perfect!

Our 6th "kissing picture" with our sweet Opal girl on her 5th birthday.

The mamas, daughters, and waiters who all came to love a happy heart Opal.

Our waiters did a wonderful job serving all the girls. I decided a couple nights before that I would make bow ties and rose boutonnieres so they would match the party. I made the bow ties with fabric and wax paper and it worked! We just ties them around their neck with a ribbon.

Dada was the head waiter and announced all of our courses and what the waiters would be passing around. He also followed Berg around and helped him not drop the plate.

 We played a game that Opal made up where we passed one of the happy hearts we made for the party around the table and when the music stopped that person had to tell everyone something that made them happy and a verse. Everyone had a chance to go. Kivi was very excited for this game because it gave her another chance to say the Love Chapter from the Bible. Then we sang to Opal and she blew out her candles.

We made the heart garland above the mantle, for the game and for this craft a couple weeks before by sewing hearts out of an XL sweater. Then we let the girls decorate their own happy heart with flowers and ribbon.

One of the presents she opened was a picture Grandpa drew of Opal! We usually eat the cake at this point, but we had so much sweet food during the tea even the kids didn't eat the cake.

Our family and our Opal.

Sweet, happy-hearted Opal, you are becoming a little girl with such a precious attitude, pleasant soul and willing spirit. You give up your struggles with anger so much quicker, repent sooner and are asking how you can help others more and more. It is such a joy to see you becoming the girl I know you want to be - beautiful on the inside and out. You love Jesus and we love the happy heart He's given you. Happy 5th Birthday Happy Heart Girl! We love you!

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Momacita said...

What a sweet girl, my little Opie-O. I'm so glad that she has a happy heart. It looks like everyone had a fun time at her special, pink happy heart birthday party. I love that the boys served. Can't wait to see you all in a little over a week!