Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Driving to Auntie Tonya's House for Thanksgiving, we noticed huge piles of leaves at Wright park so we went on a little walk down to the park to play in them before the dinner festivities began.

They were a little wet, but still good to throw.

Then, since we were at the park anyway, we all ran over to the big playground and played for a while. 

And of course every opportunity I get to take my kid's picture, I take it.

Pella has this thing right now where she has to peel her own oranges. She won't even let us start it for her. It's great! It keeps her busy for a long time and I don't have to get my fingers messy.

I've been saving wish bones all year from chickens and turkey dinners, so that when Thanksgiving came, each kid would get a wishbone and get to choose a partner to break it with.

Kivi vs. Madison = Kivi, Opal vs. Dada = Opal, Berg vs. Emma = Emma, Pella vs. Mama = Pella. Eben vs. Grandma and Jasper vs. Auntie Tonya  = no one won, the end flew off into the air leaving them both with stubs! 

We feasted on delicious turkey and ham! Dinner was amazing and all we had to do was bring the Martinelli's! Yeah for Uncle Chris!

We're thankful for crazy cousins!

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