Saturday, October 18, 2014

LC3 Family Reunion 2014 - The Amazing Race

This year for our church's family reunion (family summer camp) on August 8-10th, we were asked to do programming. That means we were supposed to act like fools on stage and run the games before each speaker session. The theme this year was Amazing Race so we decided to pretend that we were on the actual TV show. It was hilarious coming up with the 11 different characters, picking our costumes and having Eben film the mini videos that Peter edited together to make our intro video each time we came onto stage. Each time we came out as a different character. At the end of the weekend we got caught as making the whole thing up to try to impress everyone which went well with the theme of being real with each other in our Christian walk.

The snippets go by really fast in the video so here are the all the characters we dressed up as:

Hopefully the pictures from the rest of the weekend of the games, the kids and fun will be available so I can post them soon!

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