Monday, August 17, 2015

Seaside, May 29-Jun 2

We love Seaside, OR! We started off the summer by going to Dada's work friends' house two blocks from the beach.  The first thing we love to do is go to the Goodwill. The Goodwill out there has an amazing toy section. Each kid gets to spend $5 on a toy of their choice! This time Berg chose a plane, Pella a doll, Opal a rock tumbler Jasper a baton and Eben and Kivi put their money together and got a RipStick.
Mama found the motherload of Charles Wysocki puzzles! There were probably over 100. We chose seven to buy since CW is the only type of puzzle we do.  We worked on three of them while we were there.

That evening we took a bike ride down the promenade to go get

ICE CREAM!! It's usually our favorite and only destination. $1.00 Tillamook ice cream just can't be beat at the Candy Man! We also get to spin the wheel and get free candy.

Dad went to bed early and the kids and I went to the beach in our jammies to see the amazing sunset. They are all at the log where we told them we were pregnant with Baby Tuff a year earlier!

It was a good thing we did our bike ride to ice cream that first day because for the rest of our time, Dada was overtaken by sickness. He stayed in bed while we watched movies, did puzzles, ate and went to the beach. Jasper and Opal made a bunker in the sand, Kivi tried to skim board, Pella collected jellyfish and Berg and Eben sat on a log and ate ice cream with potato chips.

We made more fruit and marshmallow kabobs to go with dinner because they were such a big hit at Berg's party.

We had a fun time although it would have been much greater if Dada were able to join us in our activities. We were all glad we had that first day with him. We spent the next day doing much of the same; beach, movies, puzzles, playing with our Goodwill toys and before we left Dada felt good enough to take us ice cream one more time before we headed for home.

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