Monday, November 23, 2015

Race, Surf, Sink

Aug. 15th our family signed up to help out with our church's booth at the 4 US event at Fort Steilacoom Park to support buying more ultrasound machines. Little did we know we would be sucked into participating in many events and our one hour commitment lasted almost all day. Berg, Pella and Opal played in the jumpy toys while Eben, Kivi and Jasper participated in the 5K race and then they ran along side Berg and Opal in the 1K and I got a massage! Hey, you have to support the cause however you can! After that the three bigs participated in trying to break the world record for the largest squirt gun fight. They ended up raising $127,645 for the "Save a Life" campaign.

Peter has had a great summer of wake boarding and wake surfing on Jeremy's boat on Lake Steilacoom. He's gotten really good at it, too! We actually never put our boat on our little Lake Louise this year! So good thing he has like-minded, water sport enthusiasts as friends.

Tuff, our little 9 month old, taking a bath in the sink. He was the cutest little sink baby ever! And he had the greatest time I think he could have stayed in there playing with the running water all day.

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