Friday, May 20, 2016


On November 29th we went with a group of great friends to beat the Ninja Escape Room in Seattle. (It actually had nothing to do with ninjas, but that was what it was called.) We won! They actually said that got a really good time with 8 minutes and 3 seconds remaining and if we had asked for a clue earlier in the game we would have smashed the record. It was a lot of fun and nerve-racking. Then we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Ipanema Steak House where the meat-ninja servers walk around with big hunks of all types of amazing meat and if you have your card flipped to the green side they just keep serving you food and if you flip it to red, they stop.

They next day Poppie, Nonnie and Mimi left to go back home to California after their fun, long visit with us of birthdays, holidays and helping us fix up our house. But they'll be back soon! They are the traveling ninjas and surprise us all the time with their wonderful visits! For a lot of the year they have been here for two weeks and then go home for two weeks and then come back to us again!

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