Saturday, August 20, 2016

The January 2016 Post

It snowed on Jan. 3rd so while Dada worked hard on putting subway tile in the girls' bathroom, the kids worked hard building cute snowmen.

It only took this boy 5 days to complete the Lego Death Star, but I think that's because he never left the basement. He was very excited to finish this fun project.
13 month old Tuffy fully understands that there is a baby in this belly and he already loves his Thumper.
 On Jan. 7th the three red bean bags came for the basement. The kids worked hard to try to get the boxes through the doors. The we had to wait days for them to expand.
Eben, Kivi, Jasper and Dada went on their shark dive on Jan. 15th at Point Defiance. They loved it!

Jan. 17th Peter and I won the trophy for a photo scavenger hunt race with the Oury/Hill clan!

Jan. 23rd pictures of the finished boys' room with Tuff in his cute crib that I made out of the boys' closet and a free crib front that I found by the side of the road. Eben is above Jasper and Berg is in the single twin.

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