Friday, November 4, 2016

Benches, Bellies and Itchy Feet

On March 4th, Berg and Pella put the 4 benches together for our dining room table all by themselves! No one helped them!

March 5th, Dada and Mama get foot massages from Opal and Kivi. Actually Mama's was more of a foot scratch, because my feet and hands and my whole body actually had been itching like crazy!!!! All. The. Time. It was insane, but God is good and my itching ended up being a blessing!

March 7th, I told all the kids they could paint my belly, so this was Berg and Pella's day! It was so colorful and looked like a giant Easter egg!

The morning of March 9th, we got a call from our midwife telling us that we needed to go to the hospital right away to have our baby! So what do we do first? Well, we prayed and then, we change all the kids into white, do their hair, put up a back drop and take Thumper's "belly picture" of course!

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