Saturday, January 6, 2018

Marlee's Wedding - We Made It!

Baby Hula was due on Nov. 2nd and Marlee and Uncle Bushy's wedding was planned for the 4th! We had no idea if we'd make it or not, but the time came and I was still pregnant so we were able to go! Good thing, because Pella was their sweet little flower girl and Tuff was the ring bearer. They actually trusted him with the real rings! They took their pictures at Wright Park right across the street from the church they were married in and it was beautiful with all the fall colors. We had our last family of 10 picture taken while the wedding party was posing and we were waiting for them to need Tuff and Pella.
You never know what Tuff is going to do so it was a crazy choice to have him in the wedding, but he did great! He walked all the way down the isle and as soon as he handed the rings to the best man, turned around and shouted, "I did it!" and ran to our laps. Pella was a professional since this was now the third time she was able to be a flower girl.

Marlee looked beautiful, the ceremony was fun and happy and much to the kids delight the reception had all you could eat Ice Cream Social ice cream!

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