Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Eben's Parkour 14th Birthday!

Dada took all the guys (and Kivi) to Parkour Visions to learn some tricks and play around their huge warehouse of obstacles!

They climbed it all.
Eben opened his presents in the dining room turned living room while the hard wood floors get redone.
Back at the house we made bacon and fruit kabobs and on the way home Dada stopped to let everyone pick out a box of cereal.
He wanted cereal for his birthday dinner.
And a mochi ball cake.

Happy Birthday, 14 year-old!

Eben, you have done so much this year! Most of all - grow! You've grown and inch a month for the last couple months! Your hair did too, but you cut it off to go to Washington DC with Nonnie in May! Your favorite things to do are play video games (you bought your own Switch),  Ripstik, go to youth group, read huge books, eat cereal and sleep in. You continue to serve with worship arts at the sound board and this year you are jumping in to leading the games at Awana with your own team! You are helpful, encouraging and patient. You are an amazing big brother and leader. You are quickly becoming one strong, godly man! We love you, Eben! Happy Birthday!

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