Friday, May 18, 2018

2017 December

9th - Decorate the tree day. It was Jasper's year to put the star on top.
11th - Coal's first haircut!
12th - Youth Group Christmas party. Kivi goes bold as an elf.
13th - Little brothers wrestle on the wood floor. Sweet sleeping Flinty. Dress up like a Bible character at Awana - Pella was a dove. 
15th - Dada and Mama as Dwight and Michael Scott as Jesus for Uncle Kookie and Buggy's Christmas Office Trivia Party. Dada "Dwight" WINS!!
16th - Our own showing of Star Wars! And later that night Coal takes his first steps at only...
21 months!!
17th - Family Christmas Movie Night on our new big softy carpet!!!
18th - Fake Snow Play
20th - Making the gingerbread Bethlehem
and Our Family Christmas Pageant at LC3!
21st - Gingerbread Party! All the mamas left to go get leftovers from the food bank and the kids all lined up when we got back and cheered! Ha!
22nd - Babies under the tree.
23rd - The two littlest. & Plumbing is easier with a helper.

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