Saturday, June 30, 2018

February 2018

1 - Pella and Coal time
Skiing with Poppie and Nonnie
3 - Family Dinner
9 - 11 - Mama & Dada Valentine's trip to San Fran. (Eben and Kivi at Winter Camp. )
15 - Crabs!
The month of fixing the hallway paint job to pay for Winter Camp.
16 - Reading C.S. Lewis - Monopods all day
Toby Mac
17 - Opal's Spa Party
Opie wanted a party with massage. So we transformed our bedroom into The Precious Jewel Spa. Each girl received a pedicure from Mama, a facial from Kivi and Grace and a full massage from Miss Toni! We had tea and treats and the girls soaked in the hot tub between treatments. 
After opening presents we had birthday brownies and watched Ella Enchanted. This was the quietest, most peaceful party we've ever had!
We love you, Opal! You've been learning massage this year from Miss Toni so it's fitting that you chose a spa party for your 10th. You love to relax. Sometimes you wish you could just relax all day instead of do your work - which has led to quite a few consequences this year. But you are working hard in T&T, help with breakfast a lot and love to take care of the babies. You still love your Nay Nay, playing make-up with Pella, painting nails and sleeping in. You have a strong persistence and we know God is going to use it for good in you. You will change the world for Him, O! Happy 10th Birthday, Opie!

22 - Snow Day. Boy and Girl design competition. Boys won with their fire made out of ice design. Girls get close second for keeping babies entertained the longest with their igloo.
23 - Responsible Dada installing our new washer and dryer in the snow.
24 - Flint's Pirate Murder Mystery Baby Shower!
We have amazing friends who dress up for up and act silly to welcome our new little Flint into this crazy world!
John and Shari - throwing Murder Mystery Baby Showers for 10 years now!!
25 - The Flint Hallway Picture
26 - More skiing!
28 - England, here we come - in first class! We flew Norwegian Airlines and Peter unbeknownst to me put in a bid that got us bumped up to first class! So we were able to eat a free lunch in the premier club at the airport and have lots of room on the plane. We tried to sleep on the plane but ended up watching movies instead. Dinner was beef, potatoes, salad and macarons and lots of “fun drinks” for Dada.

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