Saturday, September 29, 2018

May 2018

1- Dada took all the big kids out to lunch during April. The first was Pella's day!

2 - Pella earned her Awana pin!

3 - Tuff's lunch date with Dada.

4 - Berg and Pella both used special helper rockets to buy rewards from the Special Helper Rocket Store!

6 - Tague Family Dinner while Poppie and Nonnie were in Italy.

9 - One of our Awana Leader Dinners

10 - 12 - Kivi's Mission to hatch a goose egg. And Jasper found her a lost duckling to raise. Sadly both endeavors failed days later.

12 - Down and Dirty Mud Run with the Adams and Kinneys! We practiced for this by running a mile every morning! I only fell once, while wearing Flint in a front pack, right in front of everyone turning into the elementary school!

13 - Mother's Day & our 18th Anniversary (But we celebrated that in England!)

14 - 15 - Berg's 8th Birthday at Great Wolf Lodge!

Berg we are blessed to have you as our son! You are loving and kind and helpful. You say tons of verses in Awana, love to play games, both video and board and usually win! You are a great reader and are zooming in math. You still love to give things away and share. You moved into the room downstairs with your big brothers on the top bunk. We are excited to see how you grow, Berg, in your kindness, love of others and God's word. 

20 - Mystery Boat of Mysteries (Berg's the lookout.)

25 - Nonnie and Poppie give basket of presents after they get back from Italy.

25- June 1 - Dada goes to Lodge Boy Reunion in Denver and then to a work conference in Orlando.

30 - My Awana Youth Leaders - our new program this year for Middle and High schoolers serving in Awana!

31 - Italian Sodas!

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