Thursday, March 26, 2020

Our Last Day - Going Home!

Friday, May 17th (also Berg's 9th Birthday)
We left for the airport with the Ourys, Knacks and Durrs on a shuttle and the security to get back took no time at all! We played games for an hour and a half in the airport then said goodbye to the Knacks. On the plane, I was able somehow to sleep, even though the man next to me shoved his leg literally into my foot space. There are clear dividers there and his leg was in my section! It was strange. I think he was Egyptian. Upon arriving in the UK we took the Tube and a bus to London and ate breakfast at the German Gymnasium. We walked through the park to the British Museum and checked our bags at a nearby store. We strolled through the Mesopotamia section, had tea and then left to see Regent's Park and Mary's garden - Love! I love my man, flowers, ponds, waterfalls, strolling casually along with my man. All of it was wonderful! After retrieving our backpacks we sipped more tea, ate fish and chips and then Tubed and Ubered to our Air B&B where I wrote our whole Jerusalem experience down with Jodi while Peter and Jer slept. The Wells joined us and we headed out to dinner. The next day we all flew home. 

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