Thursday, November 5, 2020

November 2019!

Nov. 1 - Lakes Cross Country Dinner

Nov. 2 - Kivi's Cross Country Meet - the girls and boys made it to State!
Nov. 4 - Mama's 44th Puzzle Race Birthday Party

Nov. 7  - Pella's 8th Birthday at Great Wolf Lodge with Berg and Mama and Dada
Dada bought Pella this amazing pass that let her do everything - high ropes course, mining maze, glow golf, candy feast, the water park and Magi quest.
Pella, you are our family's darling! We love you and how you are helpful and encouraging, smart and funny you are. As our little performer, singer and dancer/tomboy, you are friendly to everyone and have tons of friends. You have your own little fashion and love to talk. You are daring and love to have fun usually doing some sort of outdoor activity. You are a great reader and ahead in math. You and Berg are great friends and you love dollhouse with your sisters. You hate to have your hair brushed or put on shoes. You love Jesus and are great at memorizing verses. We are excited to see how God uses all these gifts for his glory in your life! Happy 9th Birthday, Little Chuggy!

Nov. 9 - Kivi's XC State race
Nov. 11 Outing with Mimi to see the big slides in Ruston

Nov. 12 - Tuff earns mud pie by finishing a phonics box!

Nov. 13 - super low lake tide

Nov. 14 - Kivi's XC banquet She got the Most Motivtional award!

Nov. 16 - Tuff's Rhino Rootbeer 5th Birthday Party!
We had a rootbeer tasting contest, a rhino riding competition, rhino scavenger hunt and cookie decorating.
Only our Tuff could come up with this great theme! Everything you do is big, over the top, and done with grand bravado. You are excited about life, learning and fun. You are our mega performer, are friends with lots of people older than you, adults included and you are not shy to talk to anyone in the most confident way. You keep our family on our toes and are helping us not get stuck in a rut with discipline. You are a great big brother to Coal and Swiggy and they look up to you in everything! You three do everything together and you are a good leader - usually. You are very strong and have many opinions and we pray that you will use your strengths to further God's kingdom and spread His love to many! We love you so much, Tuff! Happy 5th Birthday!

Nov. 21 - Swiggy paints with cars and busts open his head.

Nov 23 - Family Birthday celebration for our November babies!
Nov. 27-28 - Thanksgiving trip to Ocean Shores
Beach walks, trips to the movie theater with Mama and then Dada, girl's made a quilt, D and J paddle boarded, switch games, puzzles, a chocolate taste test, fun Trader Joe's snacks and Thanksgiving meal.


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