Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is it too late for Easter pictures?

So I finally got around to taking the kids yearly Easter picture in the "big basket". I love baskets and Peter got me this one at our 2nd Christmas. So for Eben's first Easter we started a tradition of taking the Easter picture in the big basket. I like to take it outside. So this year I had to wait because as you know, the weather didn't cooperate. So...almost 2 months after Easter I actually took the picture! Hooray!  I've also added all the other "big basket" pics from the past years. They change so much from year to year!! Plus, we seem to add a kid to the basket every year.

2008 - Jasper, Eben, Kivi and Opal
Everyone in yellow. Boys with blue striped ties.

2007 - Jasper, Eben and Kivi 
Boys in blue stripes and girls wore white.

2006 - Eben and Kivi 
Girls wore coral and boys wore blue, Eben's bow tie tied us together.

2005 - Eben with chicks
We actually wore blue and green but Eben has a sweater on so you can't tell.

2004 - Eben 
We all wore blue and khaki.


Mashel said...

Those are so cute Abby. You are running out of room in your basket though, you are going to have to either stop having kids, or get a bigger basket!

Julie said...

Too cute! Yeah, gonna have to get a bigger basket. :)

Makayla and Dayton said...

Very cute pictures! Where are the pictures of you and your husband in the basket? By the are those peppers doing?

Makayla and Dayton said...

I'm forwarding all my mail so I'd still get your letter. :) Thanks for the message though.

Anonymous said...

My Eben's getting so old! I love him with the chicks-my little rolly polly man.