Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Day In Seattle

On May 18th, we all had a day in Seattle to help Dada get ready for his lodge boy GPS Seattle race. So we visited all the fun places in Seattle in under 2 hours. First we got lunch at Dick's and then headed off to Kerry Park:

Here are the kiddos looking at the view from Kerry park. A cute little bun shot.

A family shot. I love that Eben picked out a bow-tie to wear, 
he looks like he works at See's candies.

The kids were so scared to get close to the fountain.  They didn't want to get wet. 
So Mama and Dada ran through it and Eben took our picture.

Next we got some fudge from the candy shop in that big place with all the food. 
Kivi's showing us her yummy fudge.

The Space Needle was our next stop. The kids could really care less about it.
The rides that are right next to the Needle look way more interesting.

We didn't spring for any rides, but hung out at the big orange tubes. Kivi was the only brave soul to go sit in one. They're like 5 feet off the ground.

Our last stop was cookies with the troll. This was Eben and Kivi's favorite part. So many people were looking at the troll too. I didn't even realize what an attraction it was. 

Each of our stops only lasted a couple minutes, but really that was just long enough.  We all got to have a fun quick tour of Seattle and Dada got to get all his GPS coordinates for his race!


Mashel said...

I love Eben in his bow-tie. He is going to love those pictures when he is older! Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to my family for turning what was going to be a no fun prep day for my Lodge Boy geo race into a fun day in Seattle. I like to kid butt shot.