Monday, October 26, 2009

October Randomness

On Oct. 4th we went to Steilacoom's Ciderfest/Applefest - I can't remember. It wasn't that memorable. The greatest thing was seeing the cider presses. Our neighbor, Mr. John, helps out with a super high-powered one every year. He let Eben work the controls to smash the apples in the press. We bought some cups of hot apple cider and bread with warm apple butter for all the kids - which ended up all over their pants. Note to self, we don't have to do this event again. If there's a place where we can just go press cider without the crowd, we'll do that instead.


I got this book for Kivi around the time that Opal was born. It's so cute because the little girls in it look just like them, wild hair and all. Opal LOVES Kivi to read it to her. At the end of the book the sisters give each other a big hug, and so do Opal and Kivi.

The Gate: part of our journey to become foster parents, which began in February of this year, we had to install a gate. Peter has been dreading this moment, not just because it's going to be a pain to get down to the lake, especially if your arms are full of kids and stuff, but because we both have issues with restricting children with bars, latches, gates etc. We both strongly feel that children should know and obey the boundaries we set before them and if not, reap the consequences. However, we had to comply with state law and put up a gate. I'm so proud of Peter and the beautiful gate he made. And now we are a little closer to being able to care for and love a child who needs our family for a while.

Kivi's Ballet Class:

Kivi has been begging, asking, talking about ballet for a long while now. I had this great plan to teach her myself, after all, I have taught a 3/4 yr old ballet class before. But she said, "Mama, I want to go to a ballet class with a different teacher than you and some new kids that I can meet." So my attempts at frugality fail. On Oct. 10th Kivi went to her first ballet class at the Jo Emery School of Ballet. It's on Sat. mornings and she loves it! This is her first class when she got to "skip" all by herself. She had the hugest smile on her face the entire class.


Mashel said...

hooray, hooray the gate is up!!! I am so excited!! Have you heard when you should be licensed?
I know that your children obey the rules so well, and that is a great example that you obeyed what the state said and put the gate up. Not many foster kids know how to obey at all, so even though you are against it, it might be a good idea. I am so excited for you guys to start this journey!

Cathi Tague said...

Ballet, boundaries (gates), books and bashing apples - brilliant! Sounds like life at the Johnson's in October is a blast - as always! I love you, Nonnie