Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ahhhh - Leavenworth

On July 21st we got a call from our friend Al asking if we wanted to use a his parents condo in Leavenworth for a couple days. This was the greatest thing ever! We were still a little sad about not being able to do our week of camping. We got to get away for the one day in Chehalis, but it really made us want to go away again. So we jumped on the offer. Wa packed all the kids up in the bus, bikes and all and headed east.
This was the most amazing, God given gift! The condo was awesome - the boys had their own bedroom, the master suite, the girls had their own room, with 2 twin beds, Berg slept in a closet in his little bed, and Peter and I slept in this cool murphy bed in the living room (which Peter wants to try and build now). We got to watch TV, go on walks to the river, play at the playground, ride bikes, and of course swim! The best thing was that they had left us tons of food - we were so excited! I thought we should try and not spend any money while were there as a fun dare. We could've done it too, but Peter quickly decided that he needed creamer for his coffee. Plus, we did the Applets and Cotlets tour and had to buy some, bought BBQ for lunch in Cashmere, cookies at the Gingerbread House, and cherries at the farmers market, but that was all.

At the pool: Bergie, sleeping on a chair with me while all the kids swim with Dada.

July 22 was backward day, the kids were really excited to eat ice cream for breakfast!

We tried to take a tour of an apple cider pressing place, but it was way too mature for our audience, so we played on their stage instead and then went to...

Applets and Cotlets! I love how they made Berg wear a hair net - he has no hair!

Eating cherries,

and playing in the grass at the farmer's market.

We took a break on our bike ride through the town to stop at the Gingerbread House, eat some cookies and have Eben read us the Gingerbread Boy story.

We went to the pool a lot. Here's my crew in the hot tub.

Kivi jumping off the side.

A cute close up of Eben.

Eben and Kivi really got brave in the pool. This is the first time they've jumped in the pool and then swam to Dada. Eben made it across the whole pool. We had so much fun in Leavenworth! Now we know why so many people go there, it's quaint and family friendly. This trip was particularly amazing because it was a surprise and practically free! Two of my favorite things. Thank you so much Halls! We feel so blessed!

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Cathi Tague said...

It's great that Eben and Kivi seem to be more comfortable getting their face wet. Backwards Day - what fun memories they will have of that. How kind of the Halls and how good of God to bless you with this trip.
Love, Nonnie