Friday, September 10, 2010

Kivi's Hair Cut

Kivi had been begging to get her hair cut. She really dislikes having her long hair brushed, and she wanted to give her hair away to a little kid who didn't have any. So, on July 28th, we headed over to Club Biella, a high end salon in N. Tacoma, to get her beautiful blond hair chopped off. I chose this salon because there was an awesome $40.00 gift certificate online and a kid's cut was only $32.00! We brought the whole family to witness the event and then found out, it's not really a place for kids. Oh well. They were stuck with us. The kids did great. Kivi got special attention and a super cute cut!

Last time with long hair!

Goodbye beautiful hair. It was a little sad, I must admit. I loved her long, straight, baby soft blond head.

But now, we love it short and easy to deal with! So Locks of Love, here comes 12 more inches of hair.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

She is so adorable with the short hair! Love it!