Monday, October 18, 2010

A Fair Day

I love going to the fair and this year I got to go twice! Once with the whole family and once with just my Pops - cause I had to go back and see the quilts and art. Peter could care less about those exhibits so he sacrificially stayed home with the kids.

We saw the animals, pet the piglets, ate elephant ears, got faces painted and the most exciting thing we've done so far - mutton bustin'!

Here we all are right before we saw all the big horses.

Eben and Kivi were so brave! They really wanted to try the mutton bustin' - riding a sheep like it's a bull. So we sign them up, got their gear on, and let them be part of the show. It costs $10 a kid, so that was their ride for the day, but it was a hoot and so memorable! Eben's sheep ran out of the gate for 20 feet and then stopped, so he fell right off. Kivi's sheep ran hard and fast but she hung on like a champ and then after 2.5 seconds landed in the mud. They both got up smiling and got ribbons.

Opal and Dada petting a goat.

The girls with their faces painted.

Our traditional fair picture - minus the cotton candy. I don't know what was wrong with me - I didn't feel like eating cotton candy.


Tiffany Nevil said...

Tell me you have video on Peter's iphone of the kids doing the mutton bustin?

Anonymous said...

Hi Johnson Family! Boy do we miss you all!!! My hard drive crashed and we had to get a new computer after moving and it wasn't until today that I re-discovered your blog address! Looks like you all are having so much fun, as always. Please tell Kivi she looks absolutely beautiful with her new haircut!!!! Have you gotten any eggs from those chickens yet? Jasper's party was such a great (and brave!) idea...looked like he really enjoyed turning 4! Well, just wanted to let you know we are all still thinking and missing your wonderful family!