Friday, October 1, 2010

Jr. Police Academy

One thing I tackled with all five kiddos, a rarity now-a-days, was going to the Jr. Police Academy, which Peter worked... so I guess I wasn't all by myself, but, he couldn't really help me while he was manning his post.
There were tons of stations for the kids to visit and they loved it. There was actually a little too much to do. And we had to do all of it to get our "passports" stamped so each kid could get a backpack at the end filled with goodies.

Here are Eben and Kivi in the SWAT gear with Mr. Wiley and Berg

Kivi doing a part of an obstacle course where she had to drag her wounded, heavy victim 10 feet.

At the Bike Rodeo with Dada teaching them the proper way to ride and learning hand signals. Dada's station was the best. He gave out candy. And they got to ride their bikes.

Jasper at the Tai Kwon Do station. Amazingly enough the board snapped open by itself after Bubba tried to break it 5 times. We think he used his mind powers.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

HA ha ha ha ha ha! I only remember this story as the time where the Tae Kwon Do people broke the board for Jasper---too funny! At least he didn't notice!