Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Discovery Bay

Sept. 18-20th we drove across the bridge to Discovery Bay -it's in the Port Townsend area. We got a smokin' deal from one of Peter's officer friends on a WorldMark condo and had a blast for our 3 day mini vacation. The kids were really impressed because it was 5 stories tall! The first floor had our bedroom and huge bath with soaking-jet tub, the next level was the entry and laundry, the 3rd was a the living room, kitchen and dining area, the 4th was the main bathroom and the 5th was the kids bedrooms. It wasn't actually that gynormous, it just went up instead of out to get maximum viewage of the water. (I know I making up words.) But the kids were so amazed.
Berg, who had just recently learned to climb stairs was in baby stair crawling heaven. He spent the entire time going up and down all the flights of stairs.
The kids pleaded with us to let them have backwards day, something we've only ever done in Leavenworth, but we weren't going there this summer. So we went to the store and Dada bought awesome dessert for breakfast - French silk pie and ice cream with magic shell! Then we had stir fry and rice. For lunch we served up crackers and Dada cheese (that's any kind of cheese the kids normally don't get, because cheese is Dada's favorite snack and it's usually expensive to get a good one)! Dinner was omelets from our own chickens since eggs were about the only food we brought from home.

We spent our time relaxing, watching T.V., listening to audio books, sleeping and doing crafts The girls did mosaics and the boys made a wooden truck and catapult, and they painted rocks they found on the beach.
We took a walk along the bay and found some huge starfish and plate sized crabs.
We couldn't get to the huge ones, they were underwater, but we were able to catch some little guys.
Mama and Dada had a sling shot competition, to see who could hit a seagull off the dock. Don't worry, neither of us won.
And of course most of our time was spent where else - in the pool!! Always a vacation favorite. Kivi and Eben needed no supervision as their swimming was amazing by the end of this summer. We did still watch them though. And Jasper held on to a ball to keep afloat and kicked himself all over the place.
I finished knitting a scarf I started long, long ago - yay! And Berg fell in love with my skein of yarn. He really has a thing for the knitted feel.
The best thing was doing nothing anywhere else. We usually plan little trips to other places around. But we decided to just relax and see what happened. It was great. I had no high expectations so everything was enjoyable. I should try to do that all the time.


Cedar said...

Julie and I stayed in those same condos the week after you :) watching Harry Potter movies. It is a perfect location for a quiet, family get away!

We did spend Sunday in Port Townsend taking pictures.

Julie said...

"Cedar" beat me to it. I was just going to say we were there right after you. It's one of my favorite places to stay. We had a great time too.

Tiffany Nevil said...

That looks like such a blast! I miss this about WA. For some reason we always went on lots of little trips and it was always so fun. I don't know why that mentality has not followed me to St. Louis. It makes me so sad! Thanks for reminding me of it and man, that Berg is freak'in cute! He's killing me!