Saturday, December 24, 2011

December Days 1-12

December is so full of activity. This year it seems especially full. Maybe because we just had a new baby. Maybe because we are a family of eight living in a 2 bedroom home. Maybe because the days go by so fast and there is so much exciting stuff to do before the big celebration day! So before I forget all of this fun I better write down all we've done this year to celebrate the name of Jesus!

December 1 - We went to Journey to Bethlehem. We've done this for the past four years now. It's an awesome living nativity. And I didn't get any pictures of it. So here's our cool nativity that sits on our mantle. It was Grandma's that she had when she was little and every year she would get a new piece for it. So it's a mix and match collection of animals and shepherds. I love it!

December 2 - Dada put up the outside Christmas lights. Eben helped him and entertained Berg through the window at the same time. Then Dada left for fun guys get-a-way overnight. And my sister came and spent the night with us.

December 3 - Shmee and I went to our church's beautiful Ladies Christmas Luncheon and later that day we made Christmas sugar cookies.

December 4 - We were at church all day for church, the kid's pageant practice and our adult musical dress rehearsal.

December 5 - Opal's day to go shopping with Dada.

December 6 - Mama went to MOPS (I'm actually done with MOPS because of homeschooling and I've pretty much heard every mom related topic out there my nine years of doing MOPS, but I wanted to see my MOPS friends and go with Pella since Peter was still on maternity leave.) Kivi had her shopping day with Dada.
December 7 - We had our final Dress Rehearsal for the Adult Christmas Musical.

December 8 - Jasper went Christmas shopping with Dada and Dada made rootbeer with the kids.

Peter has fond memories of making rootbeer as a kid and wanted to share that with our family too. The kids had a fun time helping him. We have yet to taste it, I guess it takes a while to be ready.

December 9 - My friend Lindy came to visit for a couple hours and see our new baby Pella.Eben had his day to go shopping with Dada. (He's actually designing his gingerbread gate to Bethlehem here which we did on the 12th.)

December 10 & 11 - Peter and Eben and I performed in our church's Adult Christmas Musical.

The talented Mr. Evarts put this whole thing together and why he wanted us to be in it, I have no clue, but it was a blast to be in. It was a not your usual Christmas play. And yes, this is my Peter! He played the part of Don Holly, my dad! And he was fantastic! Although I now know that I never want him to grow a mustache.

Eben even had a little part as my son. I love this picture because my hair looks red like his!
Later that Sunday we also made our candy cane wreaths. The kids did it all by themselves this year! Eben worked the glue gun for the boys.

And Kivi glued the girl's while Opal almost got burned multiple times putting on the candy, but never did.

Bergie also walked this day, better than any of his other attempts, of which there have not been many. And Dada made a huge batch of gingerbread for the next day. It was a busy Sunday!

December 12 - We designed our gingerbread Bethlehem - a new twist we tried this year on the traditional gingerbread house building.
The kids did an awesome job designing, rolling, and cutting out their patterns. We ended up with a manger, 2 houses, the inn, some hills for the shepherds and the gates of Bethlehem.

Afterward the kids had a fun impromptu performance for us of the Nutcracker:


Cedar said...

Awesome! So much fun goodness! (and I thought I was busy.) Love the gingerbread Bethlehem...and Journey to Bethlehem! Would have love to see your play!

Momacita said...

Wow, you really packed a lot of activities in this month. You must be exhausted! I hope someone video taped the Christmas plays so we can see them. Rootbeer making sounds interesting. I didn't know you could make it yourself - kind of like moonshine, without the alcohol?!!
Love you all so much,