Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pickin' a Tree!

We usually go Christmas tree hunting with a big group of our friends the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, however, because we really didn't know how I would feel after the birth, we didn't plan a big group outing. It was different, but still special and fun. Poppie and Nonnie were able to come and Miss Kim, Reagan and Pippa joined us too.
After searching for a bit we all picked out the 2011 tree:

The kids all took turns helping Dada chop it down. And we took a very lonely "Man and the Tree" picture.
So the rest of the "men" joined him and held up branches so Dada wouldn't have to feel alone.
It was definitely the fastest amount of time we've ever spent at Hunter's picking out a tree. Also, since we went on a Monday, they don't have all the fun extras like hot cocoa or Santa or the tractor ride out to the forest of trees. Afterward, sneaky Miss Kim treated us to pizza at Farrelli's and we found out that with a much smaller group of people it's way faster to get pizza!
Our tiny, little tree hunting posse:


Momacita said...

Well we may have been small but we were mighty and we had a mighty fun time. It was cute watching all the kids take turns "chopping" down the tree. And, yes, Miss Kim is a sneaky one - how sweet of her to treat all of us to pizza and salads. We enjoyed the outing and were so glad to be a part of it. Bet Pella is growing and changing everyday. Miss you all like crazy, and love you even more. Love, Momacita

Tiffany Nevil said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing in your fun. I always loved going and doing that with you guys. It's fun to see Kim with little Pippa! I haven't seen any pics yet. Miss you guys! The kids are so cute and so big.