Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big Brothers

The Bendaroos ended up being a hit, mainly with the boys, which was surprising. I really thought the girls would enjoy them more. Jasper was a Bendaroo rock star. They are just these different colored pieces of wax covered string. But all on his own he figured out what to do. He alone made a sheep, a basket filled with eggs and a chick. Eben did the green basket and Jesus in the tomb. And no, I didn't even prompt them to do Spring things. But they do know how much I love sheep, chicks, eggs and Jesus and they did want them put on the mantle to be displayed...hmmm.

They did pretty well with the sharing part too! We did divide the candy up into their own bags. So they had the opportunity to give from their stash to each other. (I got some new, healthier, if it's possible, candy. Not everyone liked them. So it made sharing even easier! Is it sharing if you give away what you don't like?) Jasper is an awesome sharer. If anyone expresses an interest in something he has he almost never misses the chance to share it with them. We actually have to work on not abusing Jasper's kindness in our house. There's one thing we all know: Jasper will always give, Eben will always receive.

Biggest Big with Littlest Little

Jasper and Eben work very hard on their Ninja House every time they get a chance to play with Legos. It gets taken apart carefully when they clean up so they can piece it back together the exact same way the next time they play. It has become a humongous project complete with a ninja training facility, hot tub tower, and horse stable. I think the boys should design a house for us!


Momacita said...

Glad to hear that the Bendaroos were such a big hit. I've never heard of them, but the boys made some creative works of art out of them - very cute. It's always great to hear about positive character traits, and it's wonderful for Jasper that sharing and giving come so easily to him. The others will get there too - it will just take some maturing (and nagging, - oops, I mean reminding from momma and dada).
I love you,

Tiffany Nevil said...

So I'm just going to comment once here on all the 5 blog posts I just read of yours. :D YAY! I like your idea of the Spring festivities on a different day and especially of the one shared basket. Our kids were overwhelmed with baskets. It was kind of ridiculous. I know its fun but I agree; I want Easter to remain spiritual.

LOVE your idea on teaching the trinity with St. Patty's day! I'm going to research that!

And in general I love seeing how big all the kiddos are getting! It's so fun. Thanks for sharing all the ways you make your days and ins and outs work Abby. It's so encouraging and helpful to other Mommies. :D

The Johnsons said...

I bet me and Jasper would make a great house for you! - Eben

Anonymous said...
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